Understanding the history of HDMI cables

You are probably aware of the use of HDMI cables. HDMI or the High Definition Multimedia Interface is known for its high quality sound and picture output. It can provide a digital connection between your HD TV set and other devices such as your cable box and Blu-ray player.

With HDMI cables, you can transmit several signals over a single cable. Thus, you are saved from the mess of multiple cables. Moreover, the bandwidth also facilitates better transmission of digital video and audio.

Here is a brief history of HDMI cables:

The origin of HDMI cables

The first version of HDMI was introduced in 2003. Thus, HDMI cables are a relatively new invention. Back then, it was used as a component attachment to HD TV sets. HDMI was used as a substitute for analogue transmissions. It was used instead of A/V cables and S-video connections.

Different types of HDMI cables

HDMI 1.4 is the latest evolution of HDMI cable. There are at least five types of these cables, with the latest version offering quicker transmission speed and better picture clarity. If you buy a new HDMI cable make sure it’s HDMI 1.4.

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