Transmit high quality audio and video through HDMI cables

HDMI or a High Definition Multimedia Interface is well-known for transmitting high quality, audio video uncompressed digital data. The HDMI cables relay digital audio, video and control signals without any type of deterioration. As all audio-visual signals are transmitted through a single HDMI cable, they prove to be a space saving solution.

Using HDMI cables, users can get excellent results while enhancing the home theatre experience. When it comes to buying HDMI cables, users may come across different varieties – both expensive and affordable. If you want the best audio-visual experience, buying the superior quality HDMI cable is important.

HDMI 1.4 is the latest version which is backward compatible with other HDMI versions. The best HDMI cable will minimise the cross talk and interference with other audio-visual signals. They are specially designed to offer a superior quality output whilst isolating the exterior noise.

Features of HDMI 1.4 specification

Unlike other versions of HDMI cables, the version 1.4 supports resolutions of up to 1080P. Gold plated HDMI cables are also available. They are known to offer a high frequency response. They also maintain a strong signal to yield better-quality video and sonic accuracy.

The length of HDMI cables can range from 5- 15 meters. As HDMI cables transmit digital information from a computer, DVD player, cable box and other devices to a HDTV, they are not susceptible to any interference of a radio frequency. However, to preserve the picture quality, it is always recommended to avoid purchasing long running cables. Using HDMI connectors will be a wise decision in case you want to extend the length of the cable.

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