Tips on how to connect an HDMI cable to your Blu-ray player

Blu-ray players are HD video players which can enhance the movie-viewing experience. They are much better than the regular DVD players and are known for their excellent sound output as well. You can enhance the Blu-ray experience even more with the use of an HDMI cable.

A HDMI cable supports superior resolutions such as 1080i and 1080p and offers better resolution than a component cable.

Here is how you connect an HDMI cable to a Blu-ray player:

Plug in the HDMI cable

This is the first step. Connect the HDMI cable to the Blu-ray player. The HDMI port will be situated at the back of the Blu-ray player. Plug one end of the cable into the HDMI slot.

Plug the cable into the HDTV

You should then plug the HDMI cable into the TV set. Similarly, you can connect the cable to a computer monitor. However, it is recommended that you use an HDTV set if you want to enjoy HD picture output. After connecting the cable to the TV set, set your TV to the HDMI input channel. Switch on your Blu-ray disc player and sit back and enjoy your favourite movie.

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