Tips for trouble free usage of long HDMI cables

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is a technology which offers ultra high speed transmission of digital audiovisual signals from a source to the television screen. This transmission happens at a speed of 10.2 gigabytes per second. That is twice the bandwidth required for the transmission of these signals.
You may want to connect electronic entertainment devices that are quite some distance away from each other. You will need long HDMI cables for this purpose. A standard HDMI cable can give flawless performance up till the length reaches 7.5 metres. If you want to connect devices at distances between 50 to 100 feet, then it may not be very easy to get the desired signal quality.

What should you do?

In cases where you are not getting crystal clear signal clarity at distances of 50 feet or more, you will need to purchase a signal booster and an equaliser. The equaliser does the job of enhancing digital signal quality and the booster gives more strength to the signal. It helps the signal travel across longer distances.
Swap out the cable to see the problems you are facing and check if it is working correctly or not. The cable itself should work fine but there is no guarantee of the performance over such long distances.

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