The difference between HDMI and component cables

Component cables have to convert the analog signals to digital when being used on HD TVs. The audio and visual quality of the programme will be affected if the signals are not converted correctly. High Definition Multimedia Interface cables, on the other hand, carry only digital signals.

Why should you choose HDMI cables?

HDMI cables also carry the HDCP signals, which regular component cables do not. If the cable box does not find an HDCP signal to connect with, you will not receive any signal, even if you have an HD TV. The quality of entertainment offered by installing HDMI cables is far superior to the regular RCA cables.

The HDMI cables carry audio as well as video signals and use a different type of connector. They also have different encoding schemes. Connecting an HDMI cable to component cable outputs will not provide you with the same super quality images. The basic problem faced by the anlog cables is the conversion of digital signals. This is similar to the conversion problems faced by the broadcast TV switchovers.

The voltage signal on the wire is in a wave format and the wave changes in height are different in component cables. HDMI cables use ones and zeros with a series of pulses all at the same height and these are either present or missing.

If you have an HD TV at home, then buying HDMI cables is a better option. The images seen in your TV screen will no longer be distorted and you will be able to enjoy your favourite shows without any signal disruption.

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