The cutting edge technology of HDMI

Every media device now comes with a standard high definition media interface or HDMI port. There are some very good reasons for the sudden rise and popularity of HDMI all over the world, now contained in nearly every format of media. This is due to the fact it enhances the quality of sound as well as picture whether you are using a computer, Blu-ray or DVD player, projector or new HD TV. But you really need to connect all this media equipment using HDMI cables to really enjoy the HD experience.

HDMI cables are the best way to transmit the high definition media input and output signals. They connect one media device to another, like connecting a Blu-ray player to an LCD TV. There are many advantages in using an HDMI cable as compared to using conventional component or SCART cables.

The foremost advantage is their ability to transfer high definition media. They carry both audio and video signals. This is a feature which very clearly separates them from traditional cables, which need separate leads to transfer picture and sound. This not only makes it more convenient for you and reduces the amount of space required in the room, but literally reduces the amount of wires required by half.

Conventional cables had to change signals from digital to analogue before transmission and then back to digital on reception. This caused a degradation of picture and sound quality and introduced noise disturbances. HDMI cables directly transmit digital signal and hence do not have any such downside.

Since HDMI cables carry digital signals, the signal is in binary form, which means you have a perfect signal or no signal at all. There is no midway signal of reduced quality.

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