Some important information on HDMI 1.3

HDMI 1.3 is the latest version of the multimedia interface cable. These cables can be used for connecting different multimedia devices that have the same interface. HDMI cables are capable of offering a better audio visual performance compared to the earlier versions. A range of innovative features boasted by HDMI 1.3 technology makes it the most adaptable.

Understanding HDMI technology

For understanding the HDMI cable technology, it is important to first get acquainted with the DVI technology. The Digital Visual Interface or DVI is an uncompressed digital connection that was specially developed and designed for a network of personal computers. It was also used for connecting different multimedia devices like DVD players, monitors and projectors.

On the other hand, HDMI cables are presently the most widely used interface cables. While DVI technology required separate cables for carrying audio and video transmissions, HDMI technology is capable of carrying audio as well as video signals using a single cable.

HDMI cables are also capable of carrying video signals of up to 1080p and 8 channels of audio. HDMI technology offers several crucial advantages over other A/V interfaces. One of the major advantages of HDMI technology is the fact that it multi-channel audio and digital HD video in an uncompressed format.

Using HDMI cables, you can get rid of the existing maze of different analogue A/V cables. Considering the benefits offered by HDMI cables over other connectivity cables, it would be a good decision to use one for connecting different multimedia home entertainment devices.

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