Selecting between different HDMI cables made easy

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is the newest technology in the electronic market. It is a type of interface that broadcasts uncompressed digital audio visual data using a single cable. Ever since the launch of HDMI technology, it has gained in immense popularity.

In the past, different types of audio video cables were used for transmitting audio visual signals. DVI, VGA, S-Video and component video are just some of them. While these cables were only capable of carrying video signals, HDMI cables can carry both audio and video transmissions.

HDMI cables have different variations in their specifications; starting from version 1.0 to version 1.4, which is the latest version available. While it is feasible to use cables and connectors, to get superior performance you need to look for the right HDMI cable for your device.

Types and features of HDMI cables

There are four different types of connectors – Type A, B, C and D. All these connectors are of the same size, but the only difference is the number of pins available. There is no maximum length assigned to the HDMI cables. However, the materials they are made from can create an overall difference in the picture and sound quality.

HDMI cables support any video or TV format and digital audio up to 8 channels. The best part of HDMI technology is the fact that it is backward compatible with the DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cables. Thus, the need for signal conversion is completely eliminated. Moreover, adapter for DVI to HDMI conversion does not cause any loss in sound and video quality.

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