Refer to troubleshooting tips when facing issues with HDMI cables for a PS3

It is a known fact that the PlayStation 3 uses an HDMI cable to transfer high quality audio and video to the HDTV. This is done with the help of a single cable and hence the chances of complications are minimal.
However, no electronic gadget is issue-free and hence you will surely come across a problem at some point of time. Refer to the troubleshooting tips mentioned below for some of the common problems you might face with HDMI cables for the PS3.

HDMI cable does not stay plugged in

Like most other data transmitting devices, HDMI cables make use of friction to stay connected with the device in the absence of a proper lock. Since HDMI cables are heavy, they bend easily and gravity does its bit to pull it back. Ensure that there is no strain on the cable. Keep the area free of obstruction and clean the surface of the port.

Data is not being transmitted

This issue might be related to the software rather that the hardware. Go to settings in the PS3 console and ensure that the HDMI section has been set to ‘Automatic’. At the same time, check whether the HDTV supports the HDMI input to which the PS3 is connected.

Video constantly blacks out or freezes

Turn off both the devices. Now, turn on your HDTV and ensure that the settings are set to ‘HDMI Automatic’. Press and hold the power button on your PS3 and release only after the second beep. This will automatically configure your PlayStation to the native video resolution of the HDTV.

Cannot watch Blu-ray movies

The content protection scheme of the HDMI cables can lead to issues if the CD and the HDTV do not sync properly. Turn off both the devices and wait for 5 minutes. Now turn on your HDTV as well as your PS3.
Insert the CD and wait for it to show on the menu screen. Once it does, simply click on the icon of the Blu-ray movie and enjoy the show.

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