Buying an HDMI cable

Running The HDMI digital cable through the wall

If you are planning to run an HDMI cable through the wall, you need a cable that is CL2 rated. This is a certified high quality cable and will prevent any kind of fire in the house. Although, it is said that there is no particular need of a CL2 rated cable, it is advisable that you buy one. Not only is it safer compared to the unrated ones it is worth the extra expense of going for a rated cable.

What type of wire is required?

If you are in need of a relatively short wire (around six to ten feet) then you can opt for one of the thinner cables. The quality of the media will not be affected. However, if the wire has to be a rather long one, it is advisable to get a comparatively thicker cable. This will ensure that the audio-video does not get distorted during transmission over the length of the wire.

It is also advisable that you test your long cable first before you actually run it through the wall.

What type of budget is required to buy a cable?

Go with the cheapest cable available. There is no truth in the fact that higher priced cables give far better picture and sound quality. The high definition is a result of transmission of 1′s and 0′s which can be done equally well in a cheaper cable too. However, keep in mind the thickness required and the CL2 rating.

Therefore, you must choose a cable that meets all the criteria.

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Certain facts about HDMI cables

If you own a home theatre system or a cinema system, you will need a certain amount of cables to enhance the sound and picture quality. It is common practice to go for advanced digital equipment. HDMI (high definition media interface) cables guarantee to improve the entire audio-visual experience.

Even an inexpensive HDMI cable can give you an enhanced result. There are certain points to be taken into consideration when buying an HDMI cable. First of all, it is necessary that one does not get enamoured by the sales pitch by retailers. What you need to understand is the requirements of your home theatre system.

So what does your home theatre system need?

Basically, an HDMI cable is used to transmit digital data through two interfaces. So what you need to look for when buying the cable is the quality of the components. It is a myth that you need to spend more in order to get more out of your cable. A good quality product can give you the same services that a cable worth ten times its cost will give.

Many HDMI cable reviews do not stress the usage of the cables in different formats within a home. It is very useful to understand the different cables with the uses they cater to. For example, a Cat1 cable is can give you best results on a 720p or 1080i TV or LCD screen whereas a Cat2 cable does the same on 720p, 1080i, 1080p and also the new 1600p LCD TV screens.

There are certain standard specifications allotted to HDMI cables with numbers ranging from 1.0 to 1.4. These numbers represent the HDMI specifications and also the interface version of the cable, with 1.4 being the latest. However, the numbers do not change any of the features of the cables.

It is also advised that the cable be of minimum length as an increase in the length of the cable tends to distort the data transmission to some extent.

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Some important information on HDMI 1.3

HDMI 1.3 is the latest version of the multimedia interface cable. These cables can be used for connecting different multimedia devices that have the same interface. HDMI cables are capable of offering a better audio visual performance compared to the earlier versions. A range of innovative features boasted by HDMI 1.3 technology makes it the most adaptable.

Understanding HDMI technology

For understanding the HDMI cable technology, it is important to first get acquainted with the DVI technology. The Digital Visual Interface or DVI is an uncompressed digital connection that was specially developed and designed for a network of personal computers. It was also used for connecting different multimedia devices like DVD players, monitors and projectors.

On the other hand, HDMI cables are presently the most widely used interface cables. While DVI technology required separate cables for carrying audio and video transmissions, HDMI technology is capable of carrying audio as well as video signals using a single cable.

HDMI cables are also capable of carrying video signals of up to 1080p and 8 channels of audio. HDMI technology offers several crucial advantages over other A/V interfaces. One of the major advantages of HDMI technology is the fact that it multi-channel audio and digital HD video in an uncompressed format.

Using HDMI cables, you can get rid of the existing maze of different analogue A/V cables. Considering the benefits offered by HDMI cables over other connectivity cables, it would be a good decision to use one for connecting different multimedia home entertainment devices.

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Get the most from your HDTV with a new HDMI cable

The widespread use of flat screen TVs has given rise to new technology called HDMI. This technology has been specially designed to transmit audio and video signals using a single cable. The technologies of the past required two different cables for transmitting audio and video signals.

HDMI cables feature nineteen wires wrapped in a single cable. If you own video gaming system, high technology television set, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or a home theatre system, buying an HDMI cable would be a wise decision. The features of HDMI cables allow for the ability to transmit information within a bandwidth of 5 GB per second.

Using HDMI cables is one of the best ways to make the most of high definition technology systems. The cord is specially designed to work to its full potential and enhance the audio-visual quality of your electronic device. Additionally, the high quality specifications of HDMI cables enable your device to function efficiently with your HDTV and digital player, etc.

When it comes to selecting the right HDMI cable, you need to be very careful what you pick. Getting an appropriate HDMI cable offers plenty of advantages. As cables have different ratings, you must determine the one that corresponds to the ratings of your multimedia device.

The diverse classification of different HDMI cables is another important thing to consider when getting one. This classification includes category two and category one cables. It is specially designed to support superior quality and high standard multimedia systems. Before buying an HDMI cable, always look for the options available before making your purchase accordingly.

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HDMI 1.4 – the new breakthrough in technology

HDTV is the new rage with today’s generation. Everything needs to be in high definition, be it the latest movie or video game and now even TV serials are converting to high definition for their superior quality. Using HDMI cables enhances the quality of the image and the sound, with HDMI 1.4 being the latest version available.

Features of HDMI 1.4

HDMI 1.4 comes with an enhancement of sorts in the range of HDMI cables. The HDMI 1.4 cable offers new technologies like resolution improvement, an automotive connection system and network capability installed into it. HDMI 1.4 ensures a bi-directional communication speed. The HDMI 1.4 cable makes the devices ready for IP – based applications. You can also use HDMI 1.4 for internet purposes by simply connecting the cable to your internet outlet.

Audio return channel is another feature of the HDMI 1.4 cable which makes it all the more unique. This feature entails that the quality of the sound is not hampered by reducing the number of cables needed. The I/O portion of your 3D entertainment system remains intact when you use the HDMI 1.4 cable. You can play files that stream both 2D and 3D resolutions without any changes in the quality of the content.

Your HDMI 1.4 cable can also support 4k x 2k resolutions. This helps when using high resolution content. The pictures taken by your digital camera can often come out grainy. The HDMI 1.4 cable supports colour spaces which makes it easier for the picture to come out more accurate when being downloaded.

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The advantages of using long HDMI cables

The technology behind the High Definition Multimedia Interface or the HDMI cable can be difficult to understand. Apart from the functionality, the length of the cable matters as well. Ensuring the reliability of the signal transmission is a responsibility of the long HDMI cable. When you purchase an HD TV, you should also purchase a long HDMI cable in order for you to enjoy the television viewing experience even more.

Features of the long HDMI cable

The main function of the long HDMI cable is to transport the digital signals in their original form, to the HD TV. These signals need not be converted as is the case of the regular analogue cables. The long HDMI cable has the capability to carry the digital signals in their original content. All HDMI cables go through an inspection where they are judged for their authenticity.

The long HDMI cables are usually used so that the digital signal being transported from the main supply unit to your TV does not get interrupted. The length of the HDMI cable matters as it ascertains the signal carrying capacity of the cable.

The latest resolution of HDTVs – 1080p needs to use a HDMI cable to ensure that the audio and visual quality of the image is not distorted.

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The different versions of HDMI cables for different needs

High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is a technology that is revolutionising the electronic world. A number of devices such as computers, laptops, gaming consoles, DVD players and TV sets have benefited from this technology.

Advantages of HDMI cables

The HDMI cables were first introduced in the consumer market in 2003. The advantages of HDMI cables are there for all to see. At a relatively cheap price, one receives picture and sound of the highest quality. Instead of four-to-five video and audio connections a single HDMI cable suffices.

The different types of HDMI cables and leads

There are a number of different versions and varieties of HDMI cables available. Each of these are designed to suit one’s different needs. Standard HDMI with up to 1080i and 720p’ and ‘High Speed HDMI’ are among the more popular versions. The 1080i version refers to the high-definition format while the 720p gives a more progressive scan video format.

You also have different HDMI lead types, such as those plated with platinum or gold. However, they can be interchanged as there is not much of a difference between the two. The different plating gives out different oxidation results. However, one rarely uses them outdoors and hence both of them gives the same result.

You can also opt for some of the HDMI leads that have recently been released that allow for further innovation. For example, the mini HDMI leads that can be directly connected to computers, laptops and the like. The 1.0 version also supports Consumer Electronic Control (CEC) that allows different HDMI-enabled devices to be controlled by a single remote.

The essential fact to remember is to select the right length and quality of the HDMI cable. The different versions might be confusing, but proper research and a reputable brand will resolve all your issues.

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HDMI cables – The smarter option

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds over the last few years. One commodity replaces another and this is applicable in almost every field. Even within the field of TV electronics we have seen innovations over the years and currently making waves are HDMI cables.

Research gives HDMI cables the thumbs-up

Three years ago research showed that an approximate 140 million HDMI TV sets were purchased all over the world. Those who are using HDMI cables have ever since appreciated their advantages and given them a thumbs up; but for those who have not this article shall tell you just why HDMI cables are definitely the smarter choice.

Why HDMI is the smart choice?

HDMI cables digitise data and hence the data is not compressed and sent across in an analogue format. This works in your favour as the audio/video signals remain distortion-free and the signal is never lost. This is mainly because earlier one would have analogue to digital conversions which may lead to disturbances. HDMI cables eliminate this process and thus consequently the disturbances.

These cables also utilise more than the actual bandwidth available. As a result, it can support further innovations such as Dolby and Deep Colour. It can also support over 3.96 Gbps for video and the 24-bit eight channel for audio. HDMI cables are cost-effective too. Previously, one would connect three video connections for a High Definition (HD) audio/video signal. However, HDMI cables mean that all these facilities are provided within a single connection itself.

Surveys reveal that HDMI cables are the most bought TV cables around the world. With the number of benefits they provide, it is hard to disagree.

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Choosing an HDMI cable for your devices

Today, most media devices like TVs, LCD and LED screens, Blu-ray players, lap-top computers etc. come with HDMI ports installed as a standard fixture. HDMI or high definition media interface has brought audio and video quality to an entirely new level. These high definition media devices are connected to each other with the help of HDMI cables. These cables come in a lot of varieties and with different qualities.


HDMI cables are made to be used according to different types of media, though they also depend upon your budget and how particular you are about your sound and picture quality. Various HDMI cables are manufactured to support different ranges of video resolutions, protocols and features.


Besides versions are variations, with HDMI cables manufactured with different qualities. An example to understand the difference between the version of the cable and the quality of the cable is discussed below.


The latest in HDMI technology has brought us the HDMI 1.4 cables. These are a newer version and support a wider range of screen resolutions without distorting the image. They are also more adaptable and introduce less noise components into the audio and video data.


Now the quality of the HDMI cable depends first and foremost upon the brand of cable which you are buying. A cheap cable will not be able to give you the results which a branded cable would. The next is the quality difference in the cables introduced within a brand. The same brand may provide you with a simple HDMI cable and a gold HDMI cable. Since gold is a metal which offers the least amount of resistance to the flow of electrical signals, the gold cables give a superior media quality.


An important thing to observe here is that all these cables which differ in quality whether due to their brand or their making, might belong to the same version.

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HDMI cables simplified for you

There have been a lot of misconceptions regarding HDMI cables across the globe. Ever since they were launched, they have been a concern for many. There has not been much information made available on HDMI cables. There have been many questions in the minds of people, like wanting to know exactly what HDMI is and how it is better than any other cable. We have tried to solve certain queries in this article.

About HDMI and HDMI cables

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It was developed by those who deal in consumer electronics. There was a cause responsible for the development of HDMI cables as it does justice to the high definition experience. HDMI cables were made to provide better sound and video quality.

Why you should use HDMI cables

It is one of the easiest ways to connect two devices. This is the best reason to use HDMI cables. It becomes necessary to use HDMI cables for the clarity in sound and video these cables provide. These cables are essential to witness the true high definition experience.

The quality of HDMI cables is a little complicated and hard to judge. You must be very careful while buying an HDMI cable. You must make sure the brand you are buying holds goodwill in the market. HDMI cables provide better sound and picture quality than any other cables around. It has been tried and tested by many users and you can consult the people who are already using them.

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