Ideal tips to purchase the appropriate HDMI cable

HDMI cables are considered to be one of the most advanced data transmission cables in today’s world. There are many other data transmission cables that are available in the market. However, these data transmission cables are not considered to be as effective as HDMI cables.

If you are looking for tips to purchase an HDMI cable, refer to the tips mentioned below.

Quality products

There are many different kinds of data transmission cables available in the market. It is important to opt for the one that meets your needs and requirements. Do not compromise on quality just to save money. You will end up investing far more in such a scenario.

Types of HDMI cables

There are many different kinds of HDMI cables available in the market. Gold-plated, HDMI 1.1, 1.1a, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1 and 4.0 are some of the different versions released. Check if your device is HDMI capable when opting for these data transmission cables.

Length of the cable

Contrary to popular belief, the length of the HDMI cable does not affect the overall quality of the data being transferred. However, avoid purchasing a long wire as it will only become an obstacle. If you intend to simply connect the TV set with the DVD player, ensure that you opt for a shorter wire.

Resolution of the cable

Different versions of the HDMI cables support different types of resolutions. For instance, if you wish to enjoy a screen resolution of 1080p, it is necessary to opt for a category 2 cable. On the other hand, if you want to save on costs, opt for a category 1 cable which supports a maximum resolution of 720p.

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HDMI cables and their main benefits

With the changing trends in today’s society, having a regular cable connection between your entertainment devices is now considered old fashioned. The technology used in producing TVs has reached such an advanced stage that you can now watch 3D content from the comfort of your own home. Installing HDMI cables can help you enjoy the presentation without hampering the quality of the entertainment.

The main function of television cables is to transport the digital signals to your television. The regular analog cables convert the digital signals into signals of lesser density for transportation and then back into digital signals before projecting them to your TV. The HDMI cables are built to carry the original digital signal in their true form.

This digital transportation through HDMI cables ensures that you receive a superior quality audio and visual presentation. The HDMI cables are capable of carrying audio and video using different types of connectors. The HDMI cables can be connected to the HDMI monitor without the help of a convertor box.

The voltage of the analog signal runs in infinite numbers, ranging from zero to the highest number. The HDMI cable on the other hand uses variables of zero and one, with a series of different pulses. Your HDTV will have an output for the HDMI cable as these cables can be attached to any HDTV, DVD player or even the latest Blu–ray players.

When you invest in an expensive HDTV it is important that you use HDMI cables so that you can experience the real pleasure of cinematic viewing at home. The sound and video quality considerably improves when you install HDMI cables.

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Component cables vs HDMI cables

Cables do not make much of a difference over a shorter length. However, in the case of component cables, the TV converts analog to digital, whereas with an HDMI cable, the signal is already in a digital format.

Besides the obvious quality reasons, the main reason that you should use an HDMI cable is that this cable is designed to transmit HDCP signals, something that other component cables don’t. If you like watching cable or Sky TV in high-definition, an HDMI cable is a must.

The difference between a top end component cable and an HDMI cable is negligible. However there is a huge difference in the quality of a traditional RCA cable and an HDMI cable.

Component and HDMI

How do you compare between component video and an HDMI cable? Which is the better of the two?

An analog signal is transferred via a component cable. An HDMI cable uses digital signals. HDMI cables have the following advantage over component cables. As long as the data is sent out correctly, you do not have to worry about the quality of the image transferred. Signals from component cables can vary in quality, the longer the cable gets.

HDMI cables are not very expensive, but may cost a fraction more than component cables. A cheap cable might give you results if the length is short, however HDMI shines when the length increases. This does not mean that component cables are bad. HDMI cables are just better because you do not have to worry about the image getting affected because of external reasons during the signal transfer.

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HDMI cables – a beginner’s guide

HDMI technology is now adopted by most multimedia device manufacturers. The technology was specially designed to offer high definition image and sound quality using a single cable interface. In fact, HDMI cables ease the process of connecting different devices including high definition television sets, home theater systems and multimedia gaming devices.

When it comes to buying HDMI cables, many people get confused in making their selection. As different versions of HDMI cables are available out there, it is important to purchase the one that is compatible with your device. The HDMI technology is capable of broadcasting audio and video signals using a single cable. Thus, you no longer need to have different cables for audio and video signal transmission.

Different versions of HDMI technology

Technology has greatly improved in recent years. This is one factor that has led to many different iterations of HDMI technology. While version 1.0 is the oldest, version 1.4 is the latest version. HDMI 1.4 specification offers support for audio up to 8 channels, video resolutions up to 1080p and Ethernet capability.

There are different types of HDMI cables are available for different devices. Some common types include:

Type A

It comprises of 19 pins and is available from almost all mainstream resellers.

Type B

These HDMI cables are specially developed for professional use in the broadcasting and motion picture industry. Their plug size is quite different from Type A cables and features 29 pins.

Type C and Type D

These cables feature HDMI specification 1.3 and 1.4 respectively. While they use the same configuration of 19 pins, their plug size is smaller.

Before buying an HDMI cable, carefully research the options available and go with the one specially designed for you particular device.

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Need more information to connect your HDMI cable to the PS3?

Do you wish to own a PlayStation 3? If so, then you are not alone. The advent of the PS3 has taken the gaming world by storm. Everyone wants to own one and play the latest games in high definition.

Purchasing an HDMI cable is an ideal option when it comes to enjoying games on your PS3. These data transmission cables ensure that you enjoy your games in full high definition. Note, that an HDMI cable is the highest quality audio video cable that can be used with any HDMI compatible device.

If you are looking for tips to connect the HDMI cable to your PS3, refer to the instructions given below.

All you will need is an HDMI cable (depending on the compatibility of your TV set). Ensure that you have access to this before you attempt to connect the HDMI cable with your PS3.

Connecting your HDMI cable to the PlayStation 3

To connect the PS3 to your television first turn off your PS3 gaming console and plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI port located at the rear of the console. Then plug the other end into the HDMI slot at the back of your television. If you face any more issues regarding the HDMI connection, refer to the instruction manual.

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HDMI cables and the different types available today

Do you own an HDTV, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Blu-ray or DVD player? Are you looking for the perfect way to connect it with your television set? If the answer is yes, it would be wise to get an HDMI cable. The HDMI technology has now revolutionised the entire entertainment industry. So prior to buying an HDMI cable, you must ensure that you are well acquainted with the technology.

How to choose the appropriate HDMI cable

Four different types of HDMI cable are currently out there. These cables can be used for connecting different audio visual equipment together. While you can buy any type of HDMI cable, it is always recommended to initially look for compatibility with your device. This is mainly because your money can go to waste with a wrong purchase.

Type A
This is the first type of HDMI cable that features 19 pins. They are available in standard plug size format. The type A HDMI cable can be used for all types of entertainment consoles and electronic equipment.

Type B
These cables are most commonly used in the TV and film industries. Unlike the type A HDMI cable, type B ones feature a smaller plug size with 29 pins. They are mostly used by technical staff and directors for added flexibility.

Type C and Type D are other types of HDMI cables. Both feature 19 pins with HDMI 1.3 specification. They are most commonly used with portable devices. Before making your purchase, it is wise to know more about the features and functioning of different HDMI cables.

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Some more information on HDMI cables

We all want the best of the amenities that are available in the market; iPhones, laptops and home-theatre systems; luxury and convenience are what one craves for. However, every new technology needs to be complemented with the appropriate electrical equipment.

You can go and get the best television sets and speakers but it needs to be supported with proper HDMI cables. Why, you ask? It is only with good quality HDMI cables that your appliances shall deliver the best they are capable of. High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is a technology that makes viewing a more enriching experience.

While buying a product such as an LCD television or home theatre system it is essential you buy a set of HDMI cables too. Very often, the cables that come along with the purchased product are not of the best quality. One then blames the product as a whole. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and energy by just investing in HDMI cables.

However, you need to invest in the right HDMI cables. You need to shop around quite a lot to pin down the right cables for you. It is necessary to research about the specifications of each cable carefully. These can have a great impact on the price of HDMI cables.

CL2 HDMI cables are generally preferred over the other versions available. This is mainly because these cables are less prone to catching fire. Although brand names matter a lot, generic HDMI cables will also be equally effective. The major factors to keep in mind are the right specifications. These need to suit your needs and appliances. Hence before buying HDMI cables, the specifications matter a lot.

Dependency is the name of the game and HDMI cables can help your electrical appliances work at their maximum.

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HDMI cables – the best connectivity cables for entertainment devices

When it comes to connecting home entertainment devices, a wide range of connectivity cables are available. HDMI cables are the newest innovations in home entertainment. All technological gadgets like LCD players, plasma TVs, DVD recorders, home entertainment systems and projectors are specially designed with these sockets, allowing the HDMI cables to properly fit with the HD multimedia devices.

Before buying an HDMI cable, it is important to learn about the technology. The interface is specially built for transmitting high definition content in a digital format. The working of HDMI technology is similar to that of a DVI interface. As these cables transmit digital high definition content, high quality images are displayed on your TV screen.

The SCART and component video are earlier versions of the interface. Cheap HDMI cables greatly help in the transition between older analogue formats and the newer digital formats. The best part of HDMI cables is the fact that they are capable of transmitting high quality uncompressed digital signals. HDMI technology also aims at improving the quality and fidelity of the transmission.

With the latest high definition televisions now able to display HD images, HDMI cables are specially designed to support video standards of up to 1080p. The technology also has backward compatibility to use with earlier, lower resolution broadcasts.

Besides carrying audio and video signals through a single cable, HDMI cables offer support for up to 8 channels of audio. As the connectivity is highly increased, managing these cables has become easier. So if you are looking for a better connectivity option between your multimedia devices, go for HDMI cables.

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Choosing HDMI over SCART leads

HDMI leads are now the most preferred links between an HDTV and other media. Old fashioned SCART leads are steadily being phased out, while HDMI has now got hold of the market.

HDMI stands for ‘High Definition Multimedia Interface’. It transmits visual and audio data without any loss in quality. HDMI supports high definition, enhanced as well as standard video. What makes it stand out from its competitors is that multi-channel audio can be transmitted in a single, solid cable. Gone are the days when you would have to rummage around the back of your TV set trying to figure out which wire plugs into which socket.

Many modern electronic gadgets and devices such as computers, Blu-ray and DVD players, have an HDMI port installed. This is why people prefer HDMI leads to traditional SCART leads.

Excellent quality data transfer

HDMI trounces its competitors in the visual as well as the audio department. No matter what the format is, you can be sure that HDMI will not let you down. HDMI will not only easily support popular and heavy formats such as DTS and Digital Dolby, but it will also have plenty of bandwidth to spare for future enhancements.

Simple and easy

As mentioned earlier, HDMI is popular because of its simplicity. No longer will you have to flip through a complicated manual to figure out which end goes into which slot.

First time buyers have to be on their guard so as to not purchase a sub-standard HDMI lead.

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If you have any trouble with HDMI cables then read on

HDMI cables are the best when it comes to crystal clear picture quality on your high definition television. These cables are generally very simple to connect but there are times when you are unable to do so. However, one does not have to call in the experts to do it for you immediately.

You can give it a try with the help of some easy-to-follow instructions. In general, the problems are not with the HDMI cables, they are because of mismatched settings on the devices connected with the cables.

Step 1: Check the cable for any tear

Be sure that your HDMI cable is not frayed, worn-out or has an exposed wire. Using a torn cable can not only be problematic but also create safety issues. It is better to discard these damaged cables altogether.

Step 2: Check the connections well

When you are sorting the connections, make sure the cables are connected properly. See to it that the cable is properly inserted into your HDMI port, only then will your device be connected to the TV.

Step 3: See the channel settings

After you have made the necessary connections and switched on the power, change the TV setting to the HDMI input channel. This setting will vary with the different brands of TV, but you can usually change this setting using the ‘source’ option on the TV. Choose the channel which says HD input or HDMI.

If you feel that your cable is still faulty, then try to connect it with other devices and television.

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