HDMI cables versus RCA cables

Purchasing a PS3 or an Xbox has become the trend in today’s fast paced world. Gaming devices are replacing traditional computer CDs and DVDs at a fast rate. The enhanced picture and sound quality coupled with advanced graphics card have made these gaming accessories must-have device.

Switching from HDMI to RCA cables

Switching from High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) to Radio Corporation of America cables (RCA) will not stop you playing your PlayStation 3. You will however notice a drastic change in the picture and sound quality. This is because, RCA cables use basic analogue inputs. These inputs do not help enhance the quality of the video being transmitted. The cables simply transmit the data from one source to another.

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)

HDMI cables act as a source for transmitting data from a storage unit to a display device. While it may seem that HDMI cables are similar to RCA connectors, the technological advances used by HDMI cables make them superior to other data transmitting cables. These connectors support video up to 1080 pixels, the highest possible resolution today. Modern games machines use high end graphics cards and hence using HDMI cables is an ideal choice.

RCA (Radio Corporation of America) connectors

As mentioned previously, RCA connectors do not use the latest technological inputs and hence are thought to be inferior to HDMI cables. If you have a new digital playback device you need to use an HDMI cable so your HD TV can view the picture in digital. If you use RCA cables you will lose some signal quality.

If it’s quality that you are looking for, you will be better off with an HDMI cable.

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HDMI Leads The Way

HDMI leads have been established for a few years as the superior choice of cabling for the latest technology. However, some remain unaware that their equipment is not just HDMI leads compatible, but that their enjoyment can be greatly increased when HDMI leads are used.

Who needs HDMI leads?

Any flatscreen style TV, BluRay player or laptop purchased nowadays will have ports for HDMI leads, they might be confused with USB ports which are a similar size. The chances are that you already have a device which would benefit from HDMI leads.

What do HDMI leads do exactly?

HDMI leads transmit digital data at high speeds. This means that they are able to provide the highest quality, High Definition video and sound. Without HDMI leads, you are unable to view BluRay films in HD or even watch HD TV content as older style analogue cables cannot cope with the amount of data needed. Furthermore, HDMI leads reduce clutter behind your TV screen as with HDMI leads, you no longer need separate audio cables. You only need one of your HDMI leads to go between two devices.

How do I buy HDMI leads?

The best prices for HDMI leads can be found online. You can buy HDMI leads in any length and in various colours to suit your needs. Considering the dramatic improvement in quality you will get, HDMI leads are a very low cost investment.

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HDMI cables and new technology – What you should know

HDMI cables and connectors have become quite common these days. However, many people who own flat panel LCD and plasma TVs are unaware of benefits of using HDMI cables.

High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is the only uncompressed and digital Video/ Audio interface available today. Unlike the previous cables, HDMI cables not only carry video, but also carry audio signals up to 8 channels. This gives HDTV owners the ability to replace the nest of wires behind their set with a single cable.

HDMI technology also has a great room for further expandability. Presently, the technology uses only 5 Gbps of the available bandwidth. Moreover, HDMI technology is also backward compatible with the earlier DVI standard.

HDMI cables offer the best transmission

With technical advances, the quality of cabling has also improved over the years. The recent HDMI cables are well known for sending and receiving high quality transmissions from multimedia devices. HDMI cables eliminate the complexity, cost and confusion of using numerous cables.

If you are looking for HDMI cables, ensure that you make your selection depending on cost, convenience, aesthetic purpose and quality of manufacturing.

With the best quality HDMI cables, you can get a superior audio/video performance from your HD multimedia devices.

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Looking for ways to setup your HDMI cable? Refer to the following tips

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables can be used for transferring data from your computer, external Hard Disk Drive or Blu-ray player to a display device. These connectors carry much more information than just the basic A/V data and hence can deliver a sharper and clearer image to your display screen.
If you are trying to setup an HDMI cable, refer to the steps mentioned below.


Ensure that your TV set is HDMI compatible. You can do this by looking for HDMI ports on the back of your TV set.

Connecting a HDD to the display device

Check your home cinema system for HDMI outlets. Use these ports to route all of the connectors to your TV set. You can also connect these cables directly to your TV instead of using an adaptor. (Your TV will need to be compatible with the latest Cable if you wish to connect the cable directly).

Connecting a cable to the Blu-ray player

Insert one end of your HDMI cable into the HDMI port of your Blu-ray or DVD player. Connect the other end of your connector to the TV set. Repeat the step with your other different components until all the cables are connected.

The ‘in’ and ‘out’ port

Ensure that you connect the HDMI cables between the ‘out’ port of you’re A/V receiver and the ‘in’ port of your TV set. This is because the data will be transferred from the A/V receiver to the TV and not the other way round.

Turn it on and enjoy your movie

Turn on your TV, access the menu and set the signal to whichever HDMI port you have connected the cable to. Turn on the A/V receiver if applicable and enjoy the latest movie or sport in High-Definition.

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HDMI cables – Offering the wow factor to your entertainment

When a state of the art high definition television adorns your wall, the quality of picture and sound matters greatly. The cable that transfers data from your external device such as Blu-ray player to your TV makes the difference between the picture being cloudy and unwatchable and being crystal clear.

Why choose HDMI cables? HDMI Cables are the newest connectors in the market and have the capacity to deliver high definition audio-video signals. They provide crystal clear picture and sound clarity and were introduced to the market in 2002.

HDMI Cables: The experience

HDMI cables put to use digital signals unlike the analogue signals that are used in previous technologies. This helps to display the A/V input-output from the source. And as such brings about an excellent home cinema experience. A HDMI cable is a single cable which allows users to display both audio and video signals. With many kinds of HDMI cables available in the market, you need to remember to choose one that suits your device.

If it is a resolution of 1080p that you want, a person may opt for the Category A cable. For a long-lasting HDMI cable, buy the sturdy and highly durable Gold-plated HDMI cable. The gold protects the cable from corrosion and aids quality transmission of signals. One more thing to keep in mind is that most HDMI cables, whichever version, are backwards compatible.

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Tips to purchase the appropriate HDMI cables

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a high end cable that enables data transmission. Unlike previous data transmitting cables, HDMI cables transfer the data without compressing it. This helps in retaining the audio and video quality of the data being transmitted.

Mentioned below are some tips that can help you purchase appropriate HDMI cables electronic devices.

Always check for compatibility

It is extremely important to check if the device that you opt for is HDMI capable. You can do this by looking for ports at the rear end of the TV set or at the front of your DVD player. If you face issues, speak to the dealer who will guide you in the purchase of appropriate electronic devices.

Version compatibility

You will come across four different versions of HDMI cables. These include HDMI version 1.1, 1.2, 1.2a and 1.3. All the four versions offer different features and consist of a unique ‘Magsafe end’. Speak to the dealer prior to purchasing a device or cable. Cross check the HDMI version supported by the device you opt for. You can also opt for HDMI adaptors if you already own a device that is not HDMI compatible.

Appropriate HDMI cables for your PlayStation 3

All four versions are compatible with the PS 3 and can be used comfortably. You might notice a slight difference in the quality of the audio and video when using version 1.1 as opposed to version 1.3. These cables are also compatible with the X-Box and X-Box 360.

The aforementioned tips will help you in the purchase of appropriate HDMI cables for your display device.

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Understanding the features and benefits of HDMI cables v1.3

HDMI is an abbreviation that is commonly used for High Definition Multimedia Interface. These cables help in the transfer of high quality audio and video without affecting its overall quality.

Significant benefits over component video

HDMI cables offer many benefits over component video. Some of these include support for pixel for pixel mapping and the display of more detail when available. Support for better contrast and colour saturation, along with digital bitstream compatibility, are some of the other benefits of HDMI cables v1.3 over component video.

It should be noted that individual results may vary to a certain extent. However, cheap sources like DVD players might not be able to scale and process the HDMI signal as effectively as modern day Blu ray players.

Long cable issues

There have been instances where in the video quality has been affected due to the use of long HDMI cables. This is mainly because of the fact that long HDMI cables take a long time in transmitting data over a 5m / 16′4″ data cable. However, recent updates and upgrades have enabled HDMI cables to transmit data without any issue in the overall quality of the audio/video. Most HDMI cables now support resolutions of up to 720p/1080i.

Will the use of HDMI v1.3 affect your PS3 or Xbox?

HDMI v1.3 was designed keeping in mind the specifications offered by the famous game consoles – PS3 and the Xbox. Modern HDMI cables are compatible with these game consoles and will not affect the quality of the audio or the video.

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HDMI cables – some useful buying tips

The tech savvy crowd are familiar with High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables and consider them the best thing to happen in the electronic accessory market. These cables are used to connect high definition equipment. These cables are categorised into different types and sizes. So, buying the apt cable is important if you do not want to take a risk and do not want to end up buying something too big or small for your equipment.

Tips to choosing the correct HDMI cable:

The length factor

Before asking for a HDMI cable, the important thing to consider is length. Measure the distance between your high definition (HD) television HDMI port and the port of your other HD device.

Gold tipped HDMI cables

Since gold is a good conductor of electricity, check if the HDMI cables are gold tipped. There are gold HDMI cables available which do not oxidise and provide an uninterrupted flow of electronic signals between devices.

Cord protection

Cheap cables tend to have a rubber coating on the outside whereas high end cords like HDMI cables have the best protection. They do not allow current or signals to overflow.

A better protected cable prevents damage. This point is to be considered while you are out, buying cables.

Support various formats

HDMI cables are categorised under 1080 HD and 720 HD. It can happen that you buy a 720 HD cable instead of 1080 HD. If you have a 1080 HD television you would not want a low standard cable. The HDMI cable box states all the specifications so make sure 1080 HD is one of them.

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Do you need HD cable?

HD cable is the industry agreed standard interface for the transmission of data between the latest high tech, high definition gadgets. HD cable enables the transmitting of digital information so with HD cable, you can get 1080p TV pictures and Dolby Digital Sound all through one unobtrusive HD cable.

There are two kinds of HD cable, though both represent a significant improvement of quality compared to the SCART and coaxial cabling you may well still be using. The latest kind, HD cable with HDMI 1.4 technology has one further addition to its capabilities, an ethernet channel which means it can transmit information from your computer or even 3D TV pictures at the same high speeds. This kind of HD cable is slightly more expensive but perfect if you have the very latest HD cable capable technology. The latest games consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360 have slots for HD cable already. All you have to do is plug in your HD cable and you are ready to play.

You can choose HD cable in various colours to suit your surrounding and at lengths to suit your needs. If you need to use exceptionally long HD cable, over 7 metres or so, you might want to invest in a HD cable signal booster, which will ensure your HD cable copes with the most demanding of tasks without degradation in quality.

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Consider the purchase of gold HDMI cables

Nobody wants to see wires stooping at the back of their television set, so try using High-Definition Multimedia Interface cables (HDMI) which have created a new outlook for multimedia wires.

How are gold HDMI cables different?

Gold HDMI is a superior quality cable when compared to its counterparts. Using a Gold HDMI cable increases the quality of your picture and sound. It is called a gold HDMI cable because the connectors are gold in colour. The gold HDMI cables are made out of copper; apart from this they provide a high gauge wire inside the cable which is ideal for equipment with a high processor speed. These HDMI cables are made for superior quality multimedia connection because they do not oxidize.

The gold plated HDMI cables do not allow the overflow of signals or current, therefore you can expect the lowest disturbance in signals. Retailers extensively advertise gold HDMI cables because they guarantee a long life. There is a lifetime warranty attached with these cables so there is no need to worry about the replacement of cables.

People want to get the best out of their high definition television and their Dolby Digital sound system. Choosing gold HDMI cables is a wise option as they have better features and provide the smooth connection between different devices.

Do not watch a standard quality picture on your HDTV when you can easily upgrade to superior quality by using HDMI.

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