HDMI Leads The Way To Go

HD leads are arguably the most important accessory anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of the High Definition Era.

If you haven’t noticed already, HD leads are not just compatible with your LCD or LED TV but they are actually essential, and once you have discarded your old cable in favour of HD leads you will see why.

HD leads open up the world High Definition viewing because only HD leads have been designed to transmit the masses of digitized data that go to make up 1080p, crystal clear TV images. Even the latest generation of games consoles are compatible with HD leads so soon you can be blowing away the competition on Call of Duty or Fifa 11 because HD leads give you the clearest pictures.

HD leads also simplify your connections. You don’t need to worry about buying HD leads to do different jobs. HD leads broadcast both audio and video information, one lead between two devices, simple. No more bulky SCART plugs or confusing colour coded audio connectors. HD leads do it all in one.

HD leads bring out the very best in your expensive electronics, but they are extremely low cost in comparison. Even gold plated HD leads can be bought for a tiny fraction of the cost of your equipment and you can find HD leads in many different colours to suit the look of your lounge. Choosing HD leads online offers the best value and videophiles will tell you that it is a good idea to get the best HD leads you can afford. HD leads will last you a long time and when you see the difference HD leads make you will never look back.

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HDMI 1.3 – The features that separate it from the previous versions

HDMI 1.3 is the new data transmitting cable that can be used to transfer audio or video from a storage unit to a display device. The new launch enhances the data carrying bandwidth of the normal HDMI cable to 360 MHz or 10.2 GBPS.

Better than 1080p resolution

As the name suggests, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) supports high definition data transfer from a storage unit to your display device.

The most notable feature of HDMI 1.3 is its support for resolution formats greater than 1080p. Other added features include a lip sync correction system, automatic audio/video transmission system and compatibility with colour resolutions as high as 48 bit.

Using HDMI 1.3 with a PlayStation 3

With better sound and picture quality, you are bound to enjoy playing games on your PlayStation 3. You do not have to worry about the compatibility aspect between HDMI 1.3 and PS3. This is because the manufacturers of HDMI 1.3 have added PS3 as the very first A/V product to be capable of working with the new cable.

Will standard HDMI equipment work with HDMI 1.3?

You will be able to use your standard HDMI devices with your HDMI 1.3 cable. However, you will not be able to enjoy the features and new upgrades the 1.3 version brings. This is because the components used for manufacturing HDMI 1.3 are a little different than the previous versions.

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Points to grasp before you purchase HDMI cables

Very few people are aware of HDMI cables. HDMI cables are thick wires that connect your TV to any other electronic device, like your computer or music player. HDMI cables are designed to send audio and video signals in an uncompressed format.

Below are some points to think about you when purchasing HDMI cables:

The length of cable

Measure the space between the two devices you wish to connect. The longer the HDMI cable, the more expensive it will be. So measuring the space accurately will help you to buy the right HDMI cable instead of buying the wrong one.

The resolution

Ponder what resolution videos you often watch. If you watch 720p videos then a class one HDMI cable will be appropriate for your requirements. However you can buy a pair of category A HDMI cables if you think you will be watching 1080p videos on your huge high definition screen. The cost varies between the two categories so select wisely.

Gold plating

Gold plated HDMI cables last for at least 10 years. The gold in the cables prevents the HDMI cables from tarnishing, acidic liquid spills, moisture and corrosive agents.

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HDMI cables – Get the most from your HD multimedia devices

HDMI cables are now the industry standard digital audio/video transmission cables. They broadcast uncompressed format digital audio and video signals. Unlike the earlier connectivity cables, HDMI technology uses a single cable for audio visual transmissions. HDMI cables support different video technologies like multi-channel, standard and HD video among others.

When setting up your home cinema system, there are certain things you need to consider. The number of cables used for connecting a television set to other multimedia devices is an important consideration. For a home cinema system, you will need 3 different cables to achieve the optimum performance. One of these cables carry video signals whereas the other two carry audio signals – the left and right channel. HDMI cables carry these signals in one cable.

Some procedures to follow while buying HDMI cables

When looking for HDMI cables, it is important to ensure that you get a cable of the right length. The HDTVs of today come with numerous HDMI ports. This allows for easy connection between the television set and other multimedia devices. An HDMI cable can also doubles as a USB cable.

HDMI technology is specially designed to broadcast high quality audio and video transmission. If you have recently purchased an HDTV, using an HDMI cable will let you enjoy the high quality audio video experience to the fullest. As HDMI technology carries digital data, you get crystal clear images on screen and crisp sound quality.

If you want to connect your HD DVD player, PlayStation or Xbox 360 to a television set, using a HDMI cable is a wise decision.

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HD cable and what you need to know.

HD cable is the best way to make the most of your TV. Actually, HD cable is the only way to get the best out of it. HD cable is digital, that means that the picture is either perfect or not there at all – in which case you need to plug your HD cable back in!

What’s so special about HD cable?

HD cable is the only cabling you can buy that can transmit the masses of data needed to obtain High Definition images and sound. HD cable is what you need if you want to play Xbox 360 or PS3 in high definition. If you’ve got Sky HD, you won’t even see the HD without HD cable, it’s that simple.

What kind of HD cable do I need?

Any HD cable you choose will represent a significant upgrade to your old connectors, but you can buy HD cable in a variety of colours and lengths to suit your individual requirements. Home cinema enthusiasts will recommend gold plated HD cable because they are more resistant to interference and will never corrode so will last you a very long time.

Isn’t HD cable expensive?

HD cable is slightly more expensive than analogue cable, but it is still a tiny investment when you think about how much more enjoyment High definition provides. If you shop for HD cable online, you will be surprised at how much HD cable you can get for your money.

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Time to get a new HDTV that supports the new HDMI 1.3

You might be addicted to technology. You might also bask in the huge envy of your friends who have still not purchased a new TV HDMI 1.3. However, you might have missed out on upgrading your TV set.

What more does the new HDMI 1.3 offer?

HDMI 1.3 offers some major advances over the features offered by version 1.1. To enjoy these upgrades, you will need to purchase a TV that is compatible with 1.3 standard connectors. Alternatively, you can purchase TV-HDMI adaptors, however it should be noted that these adaptors might affect the overall quality of the A/V.

Key advances and upgrades in HDMI 1.3

The most noticeable feature in that 1.3 has increased data carrying bandwidth on a single cable. Previous versions support data bandwidth of up to 165 MHz or 4.95 GBPS. On the other hand, HDMI 1.3 offers a data carrying capacity of up to 340 MHz or 10.2 GBPS. Support for ‘Deep colour’, 30-bit, 36 bit and even a whopping 48 bit colour depth are some of the other key additions of HDMI 1.3.

How will these advances affect your old TV set?

The new advances will not affect your TV set’s audio or video quality in any way. On the other hand, you will not be able to enjoy the upgrades and enhancements offered by the 1.3. It will just be like paying extra for an HDMI cable without any new features. The advances offered by your TV set can be translated in practical terms as:

a) Support for billions of colours but only millions applicable because of an old TV set
b) Potential end to colour stripping as seen in many older LCD TVs.
c) Option for enhanced contrast

You can enjoy the aforementioned features and much more with the help of a new TV set.

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Selecting between different HDMI cables made easy

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface is the newest technology in the electronic market. It is a type of interface that broadcasts uncompressed digital audio visual data using a single cable. Ever since the launch of HDMI technology, it has gained in immense popularity.

In the past, different types of audio video cables were used for transmitting audio visual signals. DVI, VGA, S-Video and component video are just some of them. While these cables were only capable of carrying video signals, HDMI cables can carry both audio and video transmissions.

HDMI cables have different variations in their specifications; starting from version 1.0 to version 1.4, which is the latest version available. While it is feasible to use cables and connectors, to get superior performance you need to look for the right HDMI cable for your device.

Types and features of HDMI cables

There are four different types of connectors – Type A, B, C and D. All these connectors are of the same size, but the only difference is the number of pins available. There is no maximum length assigned to the HDMI cables. However, the materials they are made from can create an overall difference in the picture and sound quality.

HDMI cables support any video or TV format and digital audio up to 8 channels. The best part of HDMI technology is the fact that it is backward compatible with the DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cables. Thus, the need for signal conversion is completely eliminated. Moreover, adapter for DVI to HDMI conversion does not cause any loss in sound and video quality.

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Enjoy a flawless audio visual experience with HDMI cables

While many people now use flat panel LCD and plasma TVs, some people are still not aware of HDMI cables. With the entire electronic world turning to high definition standards, it is important to know what HDMI technology is all about. Television sets, computers and other multimedia devices use different types of cables for transmitting the audio video signals through them.

Different types of audio video transmission cables are now available in the market. However, to get the best HD multimedia experience, buying the best cable is important. Using an HDMI cable, you can easily connect your computers and other multimedia devices.

DVI to HDMI cables

DVI to HDMI cables allow you to integrate HDTVs with gaming consoles, DVD players, Blu-ray players and other multimedia devices. Using DVI to HDMI cables, networking all your consumer electronics together becomes quite easy. As an HDMI cable is capable of carrying both digital audio and video transmissions, the need for having different connectivity cables is also eliminated.

Additionally, HDMI technology also offers different advantages including –

• High bandwidth uncompressed video
• Support for up to 8 channels of digital audio
• Support for advance video formats like TDS-HD, SACD and TrueHD

When buying an HDMI cable, there are some important things you must consider. The cable length, quality and cost are some of the major considerations. If you have lately bought an HDTV, using an HDMI cable to connect with HD multimedia device will help you get the most from it.

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HDMI Upgrade Your Enjoyment For Next To Nothing

HDMI is the new, smart way to connect your High Definition gadgetry. Any modern entertainment TV, Blu-Ray or games console you buy today will be HDMI ready and all you need are some HDMI cables to get going. What’s great about HDMI is that it isn’t even expensive! Many people don’t realise that they can upgrade their equipment and greatly improve their enjoyment of movies and games, just by buying HDMI leads. Without HDMI leads, your HDTV is just a TV. HDMI leads can be bought online for just a few pounds now so there is no reason everyone can’t enjoy the highest quality TV pictures now.

What makes HDMI so special is that it is digital. This means that there is no signal degradation, if HDMI is connected in HDMI ports, then you will have a perfect picture every time. Older style video cables were subject to interference but crucially, could not physically transmit the high amount of data needed for 1080p picture perfection.
Also, HDMI leads are smaller and less bulky than their predecessors at about the same size as a USB. Remember, even though they are smaller, HDMI have both video and audio capabilities in one single connection.

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Some things to know about long HDMI cables

The availability of HD multimedia devices has now made it possible to experience high definition audio and video experience at home. HDMI cables are one of the latest innovations that offer exceptional clarity and quality, both in terms of audio and video signals.

HDMI cables are specially developed for carrying high quality audio/video signals from multimedia devices to HDTVs. In the past, different cables were used for carrying audio and video signals. This created a bit of confusion and complication in making the connections. However, HDMI technology uses a single cable for carrying both audiovisual signals. This eliminates the confusion of attaching different wires onto different inputs/outputs.

HDMI cables are known to offer high quality premium sound and picture quality. HDMI cables have a number of different features and specifications. Thus, selecting the right one to suit your needs is important. The 2m and 1m HDMI cables are amongst the most preferred HDMI cables.

Some features of 1m and 2m HDMI cables

The 1m and 2m HDMI cables are best suited for future needs. These cables support features like Audio TV, 3D gaming, high speed Ethernet and shared internet connection between different devices.

HDMI cables have a specially designed construction that features gold plated plug sockets and metal head-shells. With a solid and rugged quality, long HDMI cables are specially designed to last a lifetime. These cables are known to significantly enhance the overall output and performance of multimedia devices.

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