HDMI Leads are Affordable High Technology

HDMI leads are the top selling leads in the UK right now. This is because HDMI leads have replaced SCART style analogue leads in the latest technology and consumers can’t get enough of the latest in home entertainment. LED TVs, Blu-Ray players, Home Cinema and Xbox 360s are all flying off the shelves and all of them require HDMI leads.

HDMI leads are essential to obtain the high definition content that you crave. By transmitting data digitally, HDMI leads ensure interference free, perfect picture and sound quality every time. HDMI leads contain 19 individual copper wires which means that huge packets of data can be sent between HDMI leads enabled devices. Put simply, HDMI leads have the power to deliver high definition content where other leads fall flat.

HDMI leads are smart leads too. If you have the HDMI leads synching two devices together, you can control both devices with the same remote control. Furthermore, HDMI leads aren’t just for TVs. The latest computers all utilise HDMI leads too so you can transfer data from your PC to your sound system; with HDMI leads you can finally hear your MP3 collection on your HiFi system. The many benefits of HDMI leads are plain to see and you can get them for just a few pounds per metre in a wide variety of sizes and designs if you shop for HDMI leads online.

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HDMI Cables The Simple Way to HD

HDMI cables should have a place in every home. Many people haven’t yet made the upgrade to HDMI cables but the benefits of doing so are numerous.

If you have an High Definition TV, you have paid for the right to enjoy your sports and movies in HD. Without HDMI cables installed however, you are not watching in HD. Only HDMI cables are capable of transmitting the digital information required to create the high definition pictures you have paid for.

HDMI cables really represent good value for money when you consider the small fraction it costs of the rest of your equipment. HDMI cables bring out the best your equipment has to offer. Even the latest games consoles like Xbox 360 Kinect and PS3 are HDMI cables enabled. Games are so expensive these days why not get the best out of them with HDMI cables?

What’s more, HDMI cables are simple to use and easy to connect. Single HDMI cables do the job of several old style leads as they can handle audio and video signals. To connect a DVD player to a TV or a laptop to the HiFi you don’t need multiple HDMI cables, one wire between two devices, that’s it.

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HDMI Cables: Nothing Else Comes Close

HDMI cables represent a dramatic improvement in the quality of audio and video transmission. HDMI cables are used to connect all of the latest gadgets; TV, laptops and games consoles. Almost every home already has devices that would benefit from HDMI cables.

What makes HDMI cables so essential is that they are the only cables on the market that transmit digitally. A digital signal means that is all ’1s and 0s’ – either it’s perfect or your HDMI cables aren’t connected! Furthermore, HDMI cables are made up of 19 individual wires which together, can transmit far larger packets of data than the older style SCART cables. Indeed, HDMI cables can manage both audio and video signals combined, all in high definition. If you aren’t using HDMI cables you aren’t getting high definition 1080p content.

When you use HDMI cables you are using the most advanced technology on the market and you will certainly see the difference in both picture and sound quality. HDMI cables aren’t expensive and considering their functionality and simplicity there’s no better alternative to HDMI cables.

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Want to know more about HDMI cables?

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a well-known data transfer cable that helps in the transmission of high quality audio and video from a storage unit to the display device. These data cables support standard, enhanced and high definition video. HDMI cables also support 8-channel digital audio along with digital television (DTV) over a single cable. They currently support image resolutions of 720p, 1080i and 1080p.

Which companies support HDMI?

Some of the world’s leading electronic manufacturers like Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony and Silicone Image support HDMI data transmission. Additionally, the use of HDMI cables is also endorsed by leading major motion picture companies like Fox, Warner Bros and Disney.

The advantages of using HDMI cables

Superior, uncompressed digital audio and video, user friendly connectors, single cable, integrated remote control and transmission of high quality data are some of the advantages offered by HDMI cables.

Ready for the future

Generally, HDTVs use half of the HDMIs 5 GB available bandwidth. With a large capacity to spare, HDMI cables can be used for incorporating new technology and capabilities in the future.

What are the different types of HDMI cables?

HDMI 1.4, as well as v1.2, v1.2a and v1.3 are some of the different varieties of HDMI cables available. Research the market carefully and opt for an HDMI cable that meets your needs and requirements.

Are HDMI cables backward compatible with DVI (Digital Visual Interface)?

HDMI cables are fully compatible with the DVI using CEA-861 profile. The data transmitting cables are also compatible with HDTVs and set top boxes using DVI-HDTV inputs.

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HDMI Leads Guide

HDMI leads are the new, superior way to connect your High Definition devices. HDMI leads are now the industry standard so you will see connectors for HDMI leads on every television, Blu-Ray player of PC currently on the market.

What makes HDMI leads so special is that they are the only leads you can buy that actually enable the high definition content you are paying for. Without HDMI leads, you won’t be watching the crystal clarity and superb sound offered by Blu-Ray discs or High Definition TV subscriptions.

HDMI leads carry both audio and video signals, all in one. You will notice an immediate improvement to your viewing experience as soon as you connect your HDMI leads because they have the capacity to transmit the large amounts of data needed to display the higher definition content you are paying for.

The great thing about HDMI leads is that they aren’t even expensive and you can find HDMI leads that cost a small fraction of the price of your other HD equipment.

Choose HDMI leads from websites that offer HDMI leads as a speciallity. You can find HDMI leads in a variety of lengths and colours to suit your home. If you really value the best possible picture quality, opt for gold plated HDMI leads as they are even more resistant to signal interference.

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Tips for selecting HDMI cables

HDMI cables are one of the best connection cables for transmitting high definition (HD) content. As HDMI cables transmit digital data, they are highly recommended components to use with the modern HDTVs. If you want to enjoy high resolution content with good sound quality, buying HDMI cables is a must.

Considerations when looking for HDMI cables

While looking for HDMI cables, there are certain things you must consider.

Cable version
HDMI cables are available in different versions – 1.0, 1,2, 1.3 and version 1.4. The latest version HDMI cable (version 1.4) has increased capabilities of transmitting data flawlessly. While version 1.0-1.2 is recommended for earlier HDTV versions, version 1.3 is perfect if you want high quality resolution, sound and picture quality. On the other hand, HDMI version 1.4 adds support for 3D content.

Connector type
The types of HDMI connectors vary in size. The micro port supports version 1.4 whereas the mini port supports version 1.3.

Cable length
For flawless data transfer, it is important to get an HDMI cable of the right length.

Cable thickness
HDMI cables have two different categories. The category 1 is known as standard cable and the category 2 is known as high speed cable. As thin HDMI cables can affect the signal quality, they are not usually recommended. They can even affect the HD output performance and cause wire problems.

Besides these, the brand of HDMI cables is also an important consideration factor. Keeping these things in mind, you can get the best HDMI cable to enjoy your TV viewing.

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HDMI cables – Some information you need to know

HDMI cables are digital audio/video connection cables. They are used for connecting digital devices like cable boxes, home cinema systems, television monitors, DVD players and gaming consoles to your TV set. HDMI cables come in many different types. They are well known for transmitting uncompressed digital data from one device to another.

With several advances in technology, HDMI cables have now become efficient alternatives over the traditional composite video, D-terminal, VGA, RF coaxial and S-video cables. The best part about HDMI cables is the fact that they support all high definition and enhanced computer and TV formats.

HDMI cables are also compatible with the earlier Digital Visual Interface (DIV) cables. These cables were specially designed to enhance the sound and picture quality of high quality digital systems.

Connector types of HDMI cables

All versions of HDMI cables include three different types of connectors. The standard Type C and Type A comprise of 19 pins to support HDTV, ED and SD formats. On the other hand, Type B includes 29 pins and offers prolonged video resolution like WQSXGA. Category 1 and category 2 are other types of HDMI cables.

All categories and versions of HDMI cables have their unique features, specifications and advantages. Each of these cables has the potential of carrying maximum bandwidth signals. The digital signals are usually carried from a source to other multimedia systems like computers, televisions sets and audio systems.

If you want to enjoy the best video and audio quality from your HD multimedia systems, buying the right HDMI cable is important.

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Some reasons to consider using HDMI cables

HDMI cables are the new style of electronic connection cables that carry high definition audio and video signals from HD multimedia devices to a HDTV. As this technology uses one cable for carrying both audio and video signals, it is gaining a lot of popularity.

Whether you have a home cinema system, laptop, camera, gaming console or HD DVD player, HDMI cables are a great connectivity option. While they are the best connectivity cables available in the market, not many people are aware of the benefits offered by HDMI cables.

Millions of people from across the globe now use HD multimedia interface cables for different purposes. This is the reason why manufacturers now offer different versions of HDMI cables. HDMI 1.4 is the latest version.

Features of HDMI 1.4

The latest HDMI cables bring a host of improvements to the TV viewing experience. HDMI 1.4 supports higher definition images and audio, 3D and Ethernet connectivity. The HDMI cables can also be used to connect your HDTV to handheld devices like the iPad and smartphones. Moreover, there is no loss of quality as in the case of earlier connectivity cables. The best part of HDMI cables is the fact that they are also backward compatible.

As HDMI cables transmit audio visual signals digitally, you can get the most from the sound and video from your playback device. Thus, there is no need to worry about loss of data or information for distance of up to 10m. Considering all these factors, HDMI cables prove to be the best tools for connecting audio visual devices.

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Stay in the right position by using HDMI cables

You will not enjoy a superior quality audio and video experience without using HDMI cables. HDMI cables are thick cables that connect your high definition television to other electronic devices like a computer, digital camera, music player and so on.

Factors that make HDMI cables compulsory in your home

Many people do not opt for HDMI cables because they have the misconception that cheaper cables also provide a similar audio and visual experience. However of you buy HDMI cables you will be able to see the difference. They might be expensive but no other cable can provide such outstanding quality picture.

Safest cables

HDMI cables are proven to be totally safe. They are made of highly durable materials and the extra protective materials and insulation protects the HDMI cables from potential accidents.

Long lasting cables

Gold plated HDMI cables last for at least 10 years. The gold in these cables stops tarnishing, moisture and corrosion. Gold HDMI cables also do not allow overflow of current therefore you can enjoy low interference from other electrical signals while watching television. The cable is actually made of copper but the connectors are made of gold.

Browse online

Before you make your purchase, you can go through the different types of HDMI cables and their benefits online. A little research can save you money.

HDMI cables provide optimum clarity in terms of sound and visual experience. So, purchase HDMI cables and enjoy the difference.

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A brief guide to High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables

HDMI cables, as we all know, are used for the transfer of high quality data from either your external HDD or computer to your LCD/Plasma TV set.

What are HDMI cables?

Generally, HDMI can be defined as a 19 pin connection that has become standard with most modern devices. These devices include LCD/Plasma TV sets, PS3, Xbox 360 and many more besides. These cables serve as the perfect replacement for the European SCART socket. The HDMI cables can also act as a replacement for the coaxial and optical leads. Separate digital audio connections and interlinking of AV systems is also possible.

Features offered by HDMI cables

HDMI cables support high quality data transfer and can also deliver multichannel digital soundtracks apart from high definition video. These cables can also be used with upscaling DVD players that use digital processing to produce an HDTV like output.

Does HDMI always mean better quality audio and video?

Contrary to the popular belief, an HDMI cable does not guarantee HDTV output. It is important to look for ‘HDMI Ready’ logo on the devices that you have to confirm HDTV compatibility. You should also note that using an HDMI cable might not guarantee better performance. Quality wise, you will notice a difference compared to analogue connections such as S-Video, RGB and component video.

What are your options when it comes to HDMI cables?

You can opt for HDMI v1.1, 1.2, 1.2a, 1.3 and 1.4. The different versions vary in terms of functionality and the features offered. HDMI 1.2 and 1.2a does not support resolutions as high as 1080i. On the other hand, HDMI v1.4 might be a bit more expensive but they offer features that are unrivalled by any other data transmission cable, including previous HDMI versions.

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