A smart guide to long HDMI cables

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It is a compact interface for transmission of uncompressed digital information. There are many different kinds of cables available for HDMI connections. Mentioned below are some of the features of long HDMI cables.

Long HDMI transmission cables

Long HDMI cables can connect devices over a distance of 50 feet. The market has HDMI cables available which are tested to perform well at distances of 50 to 100 feet at 1080p. An equalizer may however be required for enhancing the signal for such distances. The best way to see if it works well or not is to simply connect your devices and check the performance yourself. Every device may not be able to transmit signals over such distances without signal boosters. Sometimes two different cables of the same specifications from one manufacturer may also perform differently.

If the cable is capable of long distance transmission, even a 100 foot cable would work perfectly fine without the help of a signal booster. Long distance HDMI cables which are unable to perform will have obvious signs. The images will be distorted and pixilated. It may happen that the cable simply does not transmit any image at all. Sound will work but the video will be sluggish.

If this happens try to get a replacement from the seller and try the diagnostics again. Buy a signal booster for the cable and try a slightly shorter cable. There are HDMI cable equalizers available which preserve the strength of the signal. They will boost the quality and remove the disturbances and interferences.

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A HDMI extender adds to your HDMI cable

A High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) extender facilitates the transmission of video signals over a long distance. This hardware was created to sort out the issues that appeared with earlier specifications of the HDMI cable. How has the extender improved the performance of the HDMI signal? You no longer need to have huge and ungainly cables and instead can used thin HDMI cables.

When the video signal is relayed over a long distance, there is no compromise on image quality with clear and crisp images transmitted every time.

Fitting the HDMI cable with an extension device is a worthwhile task as the latter is a tiny device that arrives ready to be simply plugged in. This is a useful function for people who are not comfortable setting up devices, as you just need to plug it in to a socket.

In conclusion, HDMI extenders are the ideal device for improving HDMI signals over a greater distance without disrupting the image.

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What’s new with HDMI 1.4?

There are some new features available in HDMI 1.4. High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) version 1.4 has networking capabilities along with the Ethernet connectivity. It also has an added an Audio Return Channel which allows upstream audio connections through your HDMI cable.

What is the HDMI Ethernet Channel?

The HDMI Ethernet Channel allows an HDMI device which is Internet-enabled to have its Internet connection shared with other HDMI devices. The best feature of this is that no separate Ethernet Cable is required for this connection. The HDMI-enabled devices can thus share their content on the same connection platform. With this new specification, the HDMI cable will have a new data channel added so that it can allow communication in two directions at high speed. The device will have a speed of about 100 MB/second and any kind of IP-based application is possible on it.

Audio Return Channel Using HDMI

In the new specification it is possible to add an Audio Return Channel which leads to the reduction of cables needed to deliver audio upstream, so that processing and playback can be done. With this specification the 3D format and resolution are possible in devices which are HDMI enabled. These specifications also support high-definition playback and almost four times more than the current 1080p resolution.

HDMI Cables

Many new HDMI cables have been introduced to the market so that users can take the advantage of the HDMI Ethernet Channel. These are Standard HDMI Cables, High Speed HDMI Cables, and Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet and High-speed HDMI Cable enabled with Ethernet.

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HDMI Cables Essential And Inexpensive Too

HDMI cables offer amazing value for money when you consider all of enjoyment you will get out of High Definiton content. Only when you use HDMI cables do you get to see the true potential of all your equipment, many people don’t even realise that without HDMI cables, your HDTV is just a TV and your BluRay player is no better than a 10 year old dvd player.

Since HDMI cables became available a few years ago, they have become the standard audio and video connection. Any new TV, PC or games console will have slots for HDMI cables but some consumers have been confused when buying their HDMI cables. There seem to be huge variations in price when it comes to buying HDMI cables with some of them starting at under £1 per metre, while other HDMI cables cost hundreds of pounds.

The reality is that you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on your HDMI cables but that’s not to say that all HDMI cables are equal. If you shop for HDMI cables online you will see them in a range of colours and sizes to suit your needs. Also, you will see ‘superspeed’ HDMI cables that offer advanced features over standard HDMI cables. These are technically known as HDMI 1.4 – the newest version of HDMI cables. You can buy gold plated HDMI cables too which offer long lasting protection against corrosion and increased resistance to interference. However, whichever HDMI cables you choose, you can be sure that you will be getting a high quality, digital High Definition experience.

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How the correct HDMI cable can enhance your 3D viewing

With the arrival of stronger bandwidth technology in the market, there is a demand for improved solutions that can be supplied at an economical rate, including manageable upgrades.

Owing to its increased content, 3DTVs are gaining in popularity among users, with a number of industry experts proclaiming Super High-Def to be the front runner of the future.

What is the importance of getting the right cable connection?

Equipment like the Blu-ray player and the supplying devices as the plasma and 3DTV are generally placed on a rack or the wall allowing for quick accessibility. On the other hand, cable connections are difficult to reach as they are set into the framework. This brings about the need for selecting a supplier that provides excellent service with no need for maintenance calls once the work gets done. A good supplier is the one who will present a full product guarantee.

It is worthwhile ensuring that the link between the rendering devices is in the best possible condition, especially for higher resolution sources and devices that transmit the full definition. This is an apt consideration for long HDMI cable wires and this happens a lot with mounted solutions. Contrary to popular belief, digital performance varies in different cable connections, particularly over a period of time. Thus, you are well advised to go in for a top quality cable, instead of a cheap HDMI cable.

The most promising aspect about the technology industry is that there are many new solutions arriving all the time. With the availability of high- speed, 3D compatible and Ethernet cables you can get the most out of your HD TV.

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HDMI 1.4 for a better connection

High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) tends to be referred to by its version, i. e. DMI 1.4. As is the case with the earlier edition known as HDMI Licensing, LLC is the governing body that has granted the licence for the latest specification HDMI 1.4. For the uninitiated, an HDMI cable provides a superior quality multimedia experience as well as compatibility with audio and video sources such as HDTVs. Information about the newest version of HDMI can be obtained from the HDMI Licensing, LLC website. It enhances one’s multimedia pleasure by applying a number of developments in different sections such as with regards to network capability, resolution improvement and an automotive connection system. Here is a detailed look at the developments found in HDMI 1.4.

Ethernet availability

HDMI 1.4 is designed to affix a data channel to the preceding HDMI cable in order to provide a boost to two-way communication speed. As an added advantage, devices that come with the bonus data channel can provide readymade access to IP- based apps. It also eliminates the need for another cable wire in order to get plugged in with other HDMI devices.

Audio return channel

HDMI 1.4 supplies an additional audio return channel. This brings down the number of cable wires in use. It does not impair the device’s ability to transmit an audio stream to a receiving device, making the most of the HDMI cable.

High resolution friendly

It enables the viewing of files at a higher resolution, at an estimated 4k x 2k specification. This functionality is available in all HDMI devices, thus facilitating for data transmission at a resolution that is comparable to big screen resolution.

Other advantages of the HDMI 1.4 cable are a colour accuracy application for digital still camera images, a compact but multi-functional micro HDMI connector as well as the standardisation of format and resolution for 3D viewing.

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HDMI 1.4

HDMI 1.4 cables currently represent the cutting edge of connectivity when it comes to getting the very best out of your HDMI enabled devices. For all the benefits you get from standard HDMI, HDMI 1.4 is one step better.

Who needs HDMI 1.4?

In a word, everyone, everyone can use HDMI 1.4. Well, anyone who owns any entertainment technology bought in the last 5 years or so. HDMI 1.4 can be used for many devices right now even though HDMI 1.4 is relatively new to the market, because HDMI 1.4 is backwards compatible meaning it’s safe for anyone to upgrade to HDMI 1.4.

You can connect your HDTV and Blu-Ray player together with HDMI 1.4, getting the same benefits of high definition audio and video output. HDMI 1.4 is capable of up to 4k pixel resolution, that’s 4x the definition of current standard High Definition. HDMI 1.4 delivers a picture quality that matches digital theatre.

What’s different about HDMI 1.4?

HDMI 1.4 adds an extra ethernet data channel enabling high-speed, bi-directional communication. This means HDMI 1.4 can allow internet-enabled HDMI devices, like a TV, laptop or console to share an internet connection via the HDMI 1.4 cable. You won’t need an extra HDMI 1.4 lead to connect all your gadgets at once..

Consumers have only just started to get connected to the ‘net on devices other than their PCs, but soon, thanks to HDMI 1.4 it will become commonplace. In the meantime, you can even use HDMI 1.4 as an ethernet cable allowing high speed data transfer between any of your existing devices.

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The Future Looks Bright for HDTV

A popular choice among consumers when it comes to entertainment equipment is HDTV. For those who have an average understanding of digital technology, HDTV refers to a high definition television that produces higher resolution video that the standard format. This format contains around two million pixels in every frame and enables the capturing of 24 pictures in just a second.

HDTV is the ideal match for the latest innovations from the digital television arena.  It brings several advantages to your multimedia viewing. For instance, this video format is supported by the High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cable that enables the delivery of data at a faster rate. Additionally, it simplifies the set-up arrangement. This is because the HDMI cable support involves the use of the same cable for both audio and video connections.  In short, an HDMI cable is a must for getting the best out of your HDTV.

Another advantage of purchasing a HDTV is that it is compatible with the latest updates from the home entertainment world such as the Blu-ray Disc. This is a marvelous piece of digital engineering that facilitates greater data storage. Moreover, with the Blur-ay disc, one can enjoy higher quality video. To get the full Blu-ray experience, it should be enjoyed on an HDTV, as with standard analog TV the sound and image quality is greatly diminished.

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HDMI Leads Unlock High-Def Content

HDMI leads are the perfect buy for any home entertainment set-up, so that your HD devices can function to their best potential. With HDMI leads you can connect all of your devices together.

HDMI leads can be used to connect your Blu-Ray player or set-top box to your HD TV or your laptop to your music system. You can even use HDMI leads to connect computers together in the same way you would use ethernet cables.

What makes HDMI leads special though? A wire is just a wire right? Wrong! HDMI leads are a significant upgrade from the old style connectors we used to use. HDMI leads transmit digital data along 19 individual copper wire channels. Because HDMI leads are digital, there is no loss of signal quality, the data is all 0s and 1s.

HDMI leads also tidy up the mess of different cables that blight many an entertainment centre. You wont need separate HDMI leads for video and sound, one cable between two devices is all it takes.

You can find HDMI leads at low prices when you shop online in lengths and designs to suit your individual needs. Remember, without HDMI leads you literally can not get High Definition content so its a small investment with a big pay off. When you play PS3 or Xbox 360 with HDMI leads you will see and hear the difference, movies will take on a cinema-like level of quality and finally you can enjoy the content from your PC on your big screen with HDMI leads.

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A brief look at HDMI 1.4 and its features

Version 1.4 of the HDMI cable format has incorporated several new features. HDMI 1.4 is the latest version of the High Definition Multimedia Interface. Like the earlier versions of the specification, LLC is the licensing body for this latest version. HDMI 1.4 enables viewers to enjoy high quality multimedia experience while staying connected with HDTVs. For a better and an amazing multimedia experience this HDMI version has advanced network capabilities, resolution improvements and built-in automotive connection system.

Viewers will have a complete different experience while watching their TV screens with version 1.4 of the HDMI cable. These advanced features will give a distinct multimedia experience to its customers. The HDMI cable 1.4 is focusing on both consumer electronic gadgets as well as PCs.

Advanced features

With HDMI Cable 1.4, the HDMI Ethernet channel ensures an enhancement in bi-directional communication speed. The additional facility that it provides is its potential to share an internet connection with any capable HDMI device.

The audio channel has lessened the number of cables that were employed earlier without significantly hampering the audio streaming quality. This latest version also solves the problem of playing 3D format video on a home theatre system by standardizing the I/O portion. Thus a common format and resolution for all 3D files is laid.

It supports higher resolution, up to 4k x 2k. Also it better reproduces accurate colours of images taken on different applications including Adobe RGB, AdobeYCC601 and sYCC601.

The new Micro HDMI connector provides higher resolution (up to 1080p) despite its small size. The additional automotive connection system ensures high-quality in-vehicle HD-Content distribution.

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