HDMI Cables Are Amazingly Versatile

HDMI cables have firmly established themselves as the number one connective cables in UK homes. The reason for the popularity of HDMI cables is easy to understand when you consider the multitude oif benefits HDMI cables brings compared to older cables.

HDMI Cables Are Easy

With HDMI cables, you can’t go wrong. The ends of each one are the same, no more fumbling around putting the wrong ends in the wrong holes, damaging pins etc. HDMI cables are very much ‘plug and play’. One of your HDMI cables between two devices as easy as pie.

HDMI Cables Are Powerful

HDMI cables transmit data digitally. This means that they are able to send enough audio and video data down one cable to provide you with 1080p or more on your TV, that’s high definition to you and me. You can only get crystal clear HD content when your devices are connected with HDMI cables.

HDMI Cables Are Versatile

So many devices can be synchronized with HDMI cables! HDTVs, BluRay, DVD player, PS3, Xbox 360, laptops, PCs, Cameras and mobile phones all use HDMI cables. Want to watch your downloads on your TV? Now you can with HDMI cables. Need to listen to tracks from your MP3 player on your HiFi? Use HDMI cables!

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Enhance your gaming experience with an HDMI cable

The PlayStation 3, more commonly known as the PS3, is Sony’s premier gaming console. The PS3 is one of the most sought after gaming consoles in the world. To use it, one simply has to plug it to the television, then go ahead and have fun. When it comes to connecting the console to the TV the cables used also make a vast difference.

The cables used for the connection will determine the kind of signal your TV will get. Using an HDMI cable compared to any other is like watching a movie in a cinema. So, it is important for the user to realise the difference and benefit of using HDMI cables when connecting your PS3 to the television. DVI cables can only give you video support. One needs a separate cable for audio signals. So, make sure you use HDMI cables that offer high quality video streaming. These cables relay signals that give you high definition picture and clarity of sound.

Generally, PS3 HDMI cables come in an all in one rectangular jack cable which enhances the original resolution of your television set. The HDMI cables transmission rate is five gigabytes per second to your TV. The DVI cables are older version of these HDMI cables and do not match up to their superior quality. Also, one does not have to spend a fortune to get hold of PS3 HDMI cables.

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The myriad benefits of using an HDMI cable

High Definition Multimedia Interface cables have become a necessity for HD televisions. HDMI cables are used to transmit uncompressed digital data. HDMI cables carry the HDCP signals, which regular cables do not. A HD TV requires an HDMI cable so that you can enjoy its benefits. HDMI cables offer another dimension to your HDTV, DVD and Blu-ray player.

Why we should use HDMI cables

Cables are available in two different types; standard and high speed. The HDMI cables fall into the second category. They deliver superior picture and sound for top quality entertainment. An HDMI cable has the capability of transmitting a bandwidth of about 10Gbps. There are at least 19 individual wires used to make one HDMI cable. These cables carry the digital signals without any hindrance and ensure that you receive a clearer picture.

Regular cables convert the digital signal into poorer quality signals. HDMI cables project the original digital signals to your screen. Blu–ray and DVD players also require HDMI cables. The quality of the original signal should not get disrupted. HDMI cables protect the digital signals and present them in their original digital form.

HDMI cables are cost effective. HDMI cables enhance the quality of your HDTV. These cables allow you to enjoy your favourite shows with a clearer picture. HDMI cables provide you with a cinema-like experience at home.

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Gold plated HDMI cables and their benefits

If you have a high definition TV at home, it is advisable that you use an HDMI cable. These cables transmit the uncompressed digital signal to your screen, without converting the signals. The regular analogue cables usually convert the signals into a different format and then it is convert back when transmitting to your TV, this can cause a loss of data and therefore a reduced quality.

Why you should choose a gold plated HDMI cable

Digital signals require shielding when being transmitted. A gold plated HDMI cable protects the signals in the best possible way. Every cable has some shielding on them for insulation. The shielding on HDMI cables keeps out any noise that can disrupt the signals and hamper the sound and picture quality.

A gold plated HDMI cable can protect the wires better as compared to the other wires. This results in a better picture quality. The gold plated HDMI cables do not get oxidized, which happens to the regular cables often. They are cost effective because they are long lasting.

Gold plated HDMI cables are an obvious choice when buying a HDMI cable. These cables are excellent for your LCD and LED TVs as it enhances the quality of the audio and visual display. Gold plated HDMI cables can carry digital signals without disrupting its quality.

HDMI cables are required for your Blu-ray and DVD players as it ensures the best quality of the images projected on your screens. Gold plated HDMI cables help project the highest quality of visual and audio features.

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HDMI Leads – High Technology For All

HDMI leads are a massive upgrade to the older style cables we used to use to connect our equipment. HDMI leads have delivered a coup de grâce to the mess of wires and boxes that used to exist at the back of every television. You don’t need to have separate cables for audio and video with HDMI leads, no more male and female connectors, no more colour coded AV plugs, HDMI leads do everything all in one simple, slimline cable.
HDMI leads utilise digital transmission technology which means that higher volumes of data can be sent at high speeds enabling high definition content that wouldn’t be possible on non HDMI leads.

You will find that HDMI leads have utility in all sorts of things. In fact you might be surprised at just how versatile HDMI leads are compared to SCART cables and the like. You can see ports for HDMI leads on HD TVs and BluRay players naturally, computers, video cameras even mobile phones can also be connected with HDMI leads. You can use HDMI leads to stream content directly from your netbook to your TV or to connect your PS3 or Xbox 360 to a sound system too. The possibilities with HDMI leads are endless.

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HDMI and HDMI Splitter Info.

HDMI leads are the number one connectivity media in the home today. Consumer all over the UK are ditching the unsightly tangle of cables that blights many a sitting room in favour of the simplicity and performance upgrade brought by HDMI. With HDMI, data is digital, which means the picture and sound performance of your HDMI devices is always perfect. What’s more, HDMI has utility on more of your gadgets than you might even be aware of including TVs, BluRay and DVD players, computers, laptops, cameras and games consoles too. All of these HDMI enabled devices may well be usable without HDMI cables but without the performance upgrade of HDMI you simply can not get High Definition pictures and sound, a lot of which you have already paid good money to benefit from. HDMI doesn’t cost the Earth either and you can find all kinds of HDMI leads online for less than the cost of cup of coffee.

If like many people you already have lots of HDMI devices, you might find it beneficial to invest in a HDMI splitter. A HDMI splitter is a gadget which enables you to connect two HDMI devices such as your laptop, set top box like Sky HD or Xbox 360 for example to any eight x HDTV screens or projectors and simply switch between them with a flick of a switch.

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HDMI leads and their effectiveness

High definition multimedia interface, or HDMI cables, transfer data in an uncompressed format. HDMI leads are an essential tool when it comes high definition television viewing.

How effective is HDMI?

HDMI cables are usually preferred when watching Blu-ray movies. They have high capacities in context to carrying different bandwidth signals. These cables thus transmit crystal clear sound and picture data to the display device.

LCD TV users have an added advantage, as they have the ability to use these cables to connect to their playback device. A lower priced HDMI lead bought on the local market may suffer more problems which can hamper your viewing experience. The picture quality of the programmes may become hazy and unclear. It is therefore advisable to purchase the HDMI leads from a reputable online company.

HDMI cables display pictures to such high standards that it feels like you are at the cinema whilst you are just watching it at home. The quality is clear, bright and is flawless in every aspect.

An HDTV can only be used to its full potential when the HDMI cable is connected to it. The older SCART connections are thus losing their momentum. A HDMI cable is also a single cable for audio and video, which saves you the hassle of using different cables. HDMI cables come in different lengths, each carrying different bandwidth signals.

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Compatibility of HDMI leads and HDMI versions

HDMI cables are known to always be identical by nature. It is only an upgrade and enhancement in the version. An HDMI cable should read and feed any signal received from start to end. This is possible only if the quality of the signal is genuine.

The signals for HDMI cables require a high bandwidth. This is particularly important for HDMI 1.3 and the Blu-ray stream. Since HDMI leads standards do not have error detection, the signals at the sending and receiving ends should match one another. The four pairs in the HDMI cable must be of identical length and diameter with an impedance of 100ohms. If there is a variation in impedance then the images will be distorted or you may simply get a black screen.

The best HDMI cables to use

Now the question of a compatible HDMI cable comes up. Always purchase a cable that fits into your budget. Monster cables are used on a large scale at workplaces and are known to be reliable. However, their price slightly exceeds that of other cable rates. Purchasing cables from online websites is considerably cheaper than that of purchasing from manufacturers and retail outlets.

However, cheap HDMI cables may not necessarily mean they are reliable. Think carefully before you select an HDMI cable for yourself.

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Buy a cheap but reliable SCART or HDMI lead

After a lab test of three SCART and HDMI leads, each priced differently, it is clear that expensive leads are not always a necessary buy.

What is a SCART or HDMI lead?

SCART leads allow the connection of your TV with other audio or visual equipment like DVD players, set-top boxes and PVRs. However, HDMI leads go a step further and ensure connections to HDTVs. This means in case you would prefer watching videos or films on Blu-ray, an HDMI lead will need to be connected to your Blu-ray player as it supports that resolution.

Usually the rates for HDMI leads that perform similar functions vary. It is not necessary that just an HDMI lead alone can ensure a better experience for viewing. In order for a good viewing experience your TV must be equally good beside your HDMI or SCART lead.

A cheap lead can still be a reliable lead

According to certain lab research, the cheapest HDMI lead can often be as good as the costliest one. Some viewers agree that the quality for pictures is the same for most leads as they perform identically. Even the data that is transferred through all HDMI leads do not have any errors.

This only shows that even a cheap HDMI lead or SCART lead can sometimes perform on par with that of higher priced leads in the market. As you are the ultimate user of these HDMI products, it is you who must decide on a product that is suitable for your needs. Purchase a product that you feel is reasonable for your budget and will deliver what you require.

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How to pick the right HDMI cable for high definition TV

HDMI cables are accessories designed with nineteen wires enclosed in one single cable. Buying an HDMI cable becomes supportive for those of you who have high tech TV sets, electronic gaming systems, home theater system and more. It has the capacity to transmit double the data at a bandwidth of 5 gigabits a second.

Things to consider while choosing an HDMI cable

The best way to take advantage of your technological systems is by utilising the compatible HDMI cable. The HDMI cable is made to work like waves of the future and comprise the full potential to augment the superiority of any of your electronic machines. Besides, the high quality specifications also permit the digital audio or video machine to work more competently with your TV systems, digital players and displays.

Selecting an HDMI cable gets a little scary when it comes to settling on the exact choice to match your digital requirements. Pick out the accurate one and enjoy its advantages and easiness. All HDMI cables have a ranking and the initial step is to decide which one would match up with the ranking of your digital appliance.

Types of HDMI cables

Another vital point to think about while selecting the accurate cable is to have knowledge about the classifications of a variety of HDMI cables. The categorisation comprises of group one cable and group two cables. The category one HDMI cables are intended to back up high standard and better quality systems and gives excellent output if you own an HDTV. In contrast, category two HDMI cables go well with those possessing higher resolution machines and frame rates.

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