HD Leads Are Right For You

HD leads are the only leads you need to bring out the best in your High Definition equipment. Up until recently, before HD leads set the standard and then became the standard, the back of your TV set would have been a real mess. In order to connect your TV to all your other devices you would have needed any combination of SCART, S-video, Audio and VGA cables which could be confusing as well as unattractive. HD leads do the business for all your gadgets, one of your HD leads between two devices is all you need.

You can use HD leads for almost anything. Connecting your BluRay player is arguably the most obvious function of HD leads because only HD leads enable you to see your content in all of its High Definition glory. HD leads transmit uncompressed digital data which means there is no loss of quality between devices. This applies to HD TV too, without HD leads connecting your HD Freeview, Freesat or Sky HD you simply will not get the crystal clarity you have paid for. Even games consoles like Xbox and PS3 depend on HD leads so that you can play your games with the detail the makers intended.

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Flat HDMI cables and their advantages over normal HDMI cables

TV cabling often looks messy and affects the décor in the home. Flat HDMI cables have been introduced to get rid of issues such as this one. Messy wires are no longer a cause of concern however. Even though these cables can make your life easy, constant questions regarding their competition, quality and price arise.

Price of a flat HDMI cable

Price is one of the most important factors people consider before buying a product. As a matter of fact, 60% of people think about the cost of the product even before analyzing a product. High definition multimedia interface cables are cost-effective. These save time and energy and are a better option than any other product in the market. The benefits a flat HDMI cable provides can easily overshadow its price.

The quality of a flat HDMI cable

Flat HDMI cables stand tall as far as their quality is concerned. Often, people compare the quality and prices and conclude that the higher the price, the better will be the quality.

The difference between flat and normal HDMI cables

The main difference between flat and normal HDMI cables is the metal which is used in the wires. Flat HDMI cables use gold plated cables while normal HDMI cables use copper. Gold, if compared to copper, always performs better in terms of conduction.

A flat HDMI cable has many features and advantages which makes it better than most other types of HDMI cables in the market. If compared to regular HDMI cables, there is no doubt that flat HDMI cables are more durable and user friendly.

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HDMI cables – The excellent link between your audio/video devices

High Definition Multimedia Interface is a compact video and audio interface that transmits uncompressed digital data. It is a better alternative to the previous analogue standards, such as RF cable, S-video cables, D-terminal and VGA cables. HDMI cables connect audio and video devices like DVD players , Blu-ray players, personal computers and gaming consoles to digital receiving sources audio devices, computer monitors, video projectors and digital televisions.

HDMI technology supports a single cable that is compatible with any uncompressed TV or PC video formats that produce enhanced, high definition video quality. This gives crystal clear image quality. The HDMI cable has 19 ports and since its launch there have been five versions (1.0 – 1.4).

Blu-ray disc and HD DVD players connected to a LED or LCD television set with HDMI cables offer a great visual experience to the consumer.

The advent of graphic cards in PC’s has also made HDMI cables a necessity for the new generation gamer and visual and graphic designers. HDMI cables aid these by providing superior quality output from these cards. The new generation consoles such as Xbox 360 and PS3’s that have graphic enhancing chips in them and with the games developed these days, HDMI cables are fast becoming an essential link.

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Getting the sound in your TV to work using a laptop and HDMI cable

The use of HDMI cables with a laptop has become more common in recent times. HDMI cables help in the transmission of high quality data from a storage device on to your TV set. The most notable benefit of opting for HDMI cables is that the quality of the data being transferred is not affected as there is no conversion.

Refer to the tips mentioned below if you are looking to get the sound working in your TV using a laptop with an HDMI cable.

Tip 1: Get the connections right

It is important to get the connections right when it comes to connecting an HDMI cable with your TV. Route the connection from your laptop to an outside monitor by referring to the instructions provided in the HDMI manual. If you can hear the audio from a streaming video, you are good to go.

Tip 2: The use of a stereo audio cable

Connect a 3.5 mm single pronged audio stereo cable to your TV set. The other end should be plugged in to the HDMI jack in your laptop. Once you are done with setting the wires, connect the HDMI cable for video and ensure that the routing for the signal from the laptop to the TV set is configured accordingly.

Tip 3: Configuring the settings

Right click on the volume icon near the lower left part of your screen. Click on ‘Playback Devices’ and navigate to ‘Digital Output Device’. Configure the settings according to the device and click ‘OK’. While this method will work for the HDMI-HDMI connection, a DVI-HDMI connection will still need the 3.5 mm audio cable connection and speakers.

Tip 4: Still no sound?

If you still cannot hear any sound from your TV, ensure that the volume is turned up on the computer settings. If this does not work, seek advice from an expert.

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HDMI 1.4 specification – what are the new features

The High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI is a digital alternative to standard analogue signals. HDMI cables can be used to connect digital video/audio sources like HD DVD players, AVCHD camcorders, Blu-ray players, video game consoles and personal computers with compatible digital audio-visual devices.

HDMI 1.4 is the latest version, some features are as follows:

Audio return channel (ARC)
The latest specification adds support for an audio return channel. This helps to minimise the number of cables needed to transmit audio signals. If the television set features an in-built content source, like a DVD player or a built-in tuner, ARC enables the TV set to transmit audio data through the HDMI cable. This eliminates the need to have an additional cable.

Ethernet channel
The addition of a data channel enables bi-directional, high-speed communication. Connected devices that feature an ethernet channel can easily send and receive 100 Mb/sec of data via this connection. This makes them ready for IP-based applications. The channel also allows sharing of an internet connection between internet-enabled HDMI devices.

Support for 3D

HDMI 1.4 specification allows support for 3D video applications and 3D gaming. The specification also standardises the output/input portion of the home 3D system. This facilitates dual-stream 3D resolutions of up to 1080p.

Resolution support up to 4K
The latest specification also allows high-definition multimedia devices to support high HD resolutions, almost four times the resolution of 1080p devices. This allows you to get the most from your Full HD TVs and other HD multimedia devices. Thus, it makes perfect sense to use HDMI cables for connecting different audio-visual devices.

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HDMI cables – The best companion for your electronic devices

Progressive technological advances demand better device connection options to be created. Having an HDTV will not give you a superior image quality. You will need the proper connecting cables for it. Televisions are not the only electronic appliances that need high-quality cables to get the maximum output. Every electronic device such as Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and DVD players need good cables. Ultimately, the performance of all these devices depends on the kind of connections used. There are many ways of connecting your HDTV to other devices. The best way is using HDMI cables.

Why use HDMI cables?

High Definition Multimedia Interface cables are the best cable to use to complements an HD home theatre system. HDMI cables give up to 1080p high definition video viewing along with 7.1 channels of surround sound. All this is packaged for you in just a single cable. One cable is able to get you high quality sound and video viewing with ease. It has up to 5Gbps of bandwidth. This is actually more than one would require to stream HD videos and eight channels of HD audio. HDMI cables minimise the loss of data because there is no conversion of signals from analogue to digital and vice versa.

There are as many as four main versions of HDMI cables sold in the market; 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. All these versions are capable of streaming HD videos of up to 1080p.

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What is the difference between cheap and expensive HDMI cable?

High definition multimedia interface or HDMI cables have taken entertainment to the next level. The quality of the images that we see on our TV screens has dramatically improved since the introduction of HDMI cables.

The importance of HDMI cables
HDMI cables send digital signals directly to your TV set without converting the signal into any other form.

The different types of HDMI cables
HDMI cables come in two types. Category 1 cables work on 1080p or short lengths. Category 2 cables should be used when longer lengths are required. Category 2 HDMI cables are also called high speed cables. Category 2 cables transfer signals at a speed of 10.2Gbps.

Does the price really matter?
Cheap HDMI cables meet the standards set by the otherwise expensive ones. The difference in price is not due to the quality but because of different brands. An HDMI cable is only a medium that transfers the signal. The different prices do not affect the quality of the signal. It is a myth that expensive HDMI cables offer better quality sound and visuals. The truth is both cheap and expensive HDMI cables offer the same superior quality.

Cheap HDMI cables allow you to enjoy a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home.

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Join the entertainment highway with a HDMI cable

Are you looking to use a single interface between different devices in your home? Do you want to get rid of those messy audio-video cables? If the answer is yes, using HDMI cables is the perfect solution. HDMI cables can not only help to freely transfer data, but also develop new potential for your electrical equipment.

The state of the art HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface technically aims at eliminating barriers between different multimedia gadgets. Thus, an HDMI cable can combine your home cinema system and flat panel TV into a single unit.

The long, sophisticated and sleek appearance of HDMI cables is what makes them user friendly. Availability of gold contacts and electrolytic copper conductors ensure that frequency is not lost while transmitting signals between multimedia devices.

Why are HDMI cables better than other connectivity cables?

The HDMI cable is a technological marvel. HDMI technology can carry uncompressed digital audio and video data using a single cable. The HDMI cables also offer support for Ethernet, 3D and resolutions of up to 1080p.

Special converters are also available for converting video from DVI source to HDMI display and vice versa. A DVI to HDMI cable performs the similar action to the HDMI cable without any quality loss. HDMI cables are perfect for connecting set-top boxes, DVD players and Blu-ray players to HDTVs and projectors.

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HDMI Leads The Way To High Definition

HDMI leads have shown themselves to be a fantastic upgrade in connecting your entertainment devices. With HDMI leads, you can make connections between all sorts of devices, HDMI leads allow you to bridge gaps that were once insurmountable. For example, if you want to watch a movie you downloaded you don’t need to fiddle about with blank dvds or USB sticks that rarely work in other devices, you can just connect PC to TV with HDMI leads. Perhaps you want to hear your BluRay disc in amazing HD sound, you don’t need to invest in a surround sound system, you can just connect directly to your music centre with HDMI leads. Even games consoles like PS3 and Xbox are high definition, but you can only get HD with HDMI leads, other cables just don’t cut it.

HDMI leads transmit uncompressed digital data at high speeds enabling HD because only HDMI leads can get the info from A to B fast enough to maintain your 1080p picture clarity. The signals in HDMI leads do not degrade, so you get the superior picture quality on screen every time. HDMI leads bring out the best in your HDMI leads enabled devices because the difference in quality you get compared to older cabling really is remarkable. Anyone who has upgraded with HDMI leads will tell you there can be no going back to standard definition. Buy HDMI leads online and see for yourself how inexpensive they are nowadays.

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Looking for tips to purchase HDMI cables? Read on and refer to the following guidelines

HDMI cables are known as the darlings in the world of high definition audio and video. These data transmission cables are available for gaming consoles, home cinema systems and also HD TVs.

Purchasing an HDMI cable is a must if you own LCD or Plasma TV set. These cables will allow you to transfer high quality data from your storage device onto your TV without affecting the quality of the audio or the video. Mentioned below are some tips on how to buy the perfect HDMI cable for your HDTV.

Length of the cable

If there is one limitation you need to be wary of with HDMI cables, it is the overall length of the cable. The longer the cable, the more shielding it needs. Without appropriate shielding, for long cables the transferred data might appear to be distorted. It is for this reason that longer HDMI cables are usually more expensive compared to the shorter ones.


It is very important to understand that the unit ‘Hz’ does not apply to HDMI cables. You will come across different versions and categories of HDMI cables. Opt for one depending on the data that you need to transfer. For instance, if you wish to transfer data with a video resolution of 1080p, you will need a category 2 cable. On the other hand, a category 1 cable is sufficient for transmitting data up to 720p or 1080i.


Durability is one aspect which you will need to think about carefully. If you move your equipment frequently, you will be better off spending a bit more on a durable HDMI cable. However, if you simply wish to connect the Blu-ray player to your TV and keep the cable out of sight, you can opt for a cheaper HDMI cable. The quality of the data being transmitted will not be affected by the price tag. So why wait? Enjoy your favourite sport in high definition with the help of HDMI cables.

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