HDMI cables – What are the different types available?

If you have recently purchased a new PlayStation, Xbox, Blu-ray player or a new HDTV, it is recommended to use HDMI cables for signal transmission. These cables are specially designed for carrying high quality audio and visual signals between different HD multimedia devices. The high-definition multimedia interface or HDMI is an innovative type of technology that has completely revolutionised the entertainment industry.

If you are planning to purchase an HDMI cable, it is important to know some more about the different types of cable that are available out there.

Categories of HDMI cables

HDMI cables are divided into four different categories. The features of these cables are listed below.

Type A

Type A HDMI cables are amongst the most popular ones available today. These cables feature 19 pins and are available in standard format plug size. Being the most widely used connectivity cable available, they are perfect for connecting entertainment consoles and electronic equipment.

Type B

These types of cable are widely used in the TV and film industry. Type B HDMI cables feature 29 pins with a smaller plug size. They are perfect for the different types of devices used in the entertainment industry.

Type C and Type D HDMI cables feature the latest HDMI specification. Both feature 19 pins with small and standard plug size available. They are specially designed for HDMI compatible devices.

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Get HDMI 1.4 cables to make your HDTV experience truly amazing

The new technology of 3D compatibility is found in many homes these days. There are many types of 3D compatible equipment available in the market. This includes equipment such as HDTV, Blu-ray players, laptops and many more which are a part of the lives of many people. This equipment needs a high speed connection.

Full HDTV provides a crystal clear picture, but for that you must use proper cabling with your high definition TV and 3D equipment. If you use a standard 1.3 HDMI cable with it, you will not get the picture quality you would expect. HDMI cables play an important role in deciding the output you get from your high definition TV. If you use a 1.2 HDMI standard cable, you will compromise on your HD quality and will not get the best out of your HDTV.

In order to make sure your HDTV provides you with crystal clear picture and terrific sound, make sure you use HDMI 1080p 1.4 cables with your 3D enabled equipment. By using HDMI 1080p 1.4 cables with your equipment and your HDTV, you can get the best output possible. For people with a standard quality high resolution television, HDMI 1080p 1.4 cables are perfect. These cables are cheap and durable. The prices of HDMI 1080p 1.4 cables have fallen dramatically within the past two to three years.

To yield the maximum benefit out of your high definition and 3D equipment, you should consider using HDMI 1080p 1.4 cables.

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A perfect solution to connect your computer to an HD television set

There are times when you want to connect your computer and high definition TV. You can play your computer games on the PC and watch your TV series on the computer. For many people, their laptop or PC is their preferred source of entertainment. There are couple of ways in which this can be achieved. One of the best ways to do this is by using HDMI cables for these connections.

Why HDMI cables are a better choice over other cables

HDMI means high-definition multimedia interface, which gives the user a great audio and visual experience using just one cable. The computer or laptop can be the biggest limitation if it does not have a digital connector. In such cases the user has to make use of an analogue cable or buy a conversion card.

The great thing about HDMI cables is that they enable a two-way communication between the connected devices and also lets the device be operated by using just one remote control. These cables do not cause any loss of data in the transmission process. They do not damage the data even if the signal needs to be compressed or converted. HDMI cables will give the user a crystal clear image and uncompromised sound quality. These cables also eliminate the need to have a tangle of wires around your devices.

HDMI cables work with most high definition TVs like LCD, LED or plasma televisions. Nowadays, most high definition TVs have HDMI slots that let you connect a number of devices to your TV. This makes it easier for the user to have devices like a computer or laptop and another DVD or Blu-ray player connected to your TV simultaneously.

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The difference between HDMI and component cables

Component cables have to convert the analog signals to digital when being used on HD TVs. The audio and visual quality of the programme will be affected if the signals are not converted correctly. High Definition Multimedia Interface cables, on the other hand, carry only digital signals.

Why should you choose HDMI cables?

HDMI cables also carry the HDCP signals, which regular component cables do not. If the cable box does not find an HDCP signal to connect with, you will not receive any signal, even if you have an HD TV. The quality of entertainment offered by installing HDMI cables is far superior to the regular RCA cables.

The HDMI cables carry audio as well as video signals and use a different type of connector. They also have different encoding schemes. Connecting an HDMI cable to component cable outputs will not provide you with the same super quality images. The basic problem faced by the anlog cables is the conversion of digital signals. This is similar to the conversion problems faced by the broadcast TV switchovers.

The voltage signal on the wire is in a wave format and the wave changes in height are different in component cables. HDMI cables use ones and zeros with a series of pulses all at the same height and these are either present or missing.

If you have an HD TV at home, then buying HDMI cables is a better option. The images seen in your TV screen will no longer be distorted and you will be able to enjoy your favourite shows without any signal disruption.

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Does the price of an HDMI cable make much of a difference?

HDMI cables have been developed in this decade. They are a great invention where the picture and sound quality of an electronic display device such as a television set or computer is concerned. HDMI cables have also advanced with every year. They are a much better option in comparison with other cables like DVI. In the past HDMI cables gave a transfer rate of about 4.6 GB per second but can now deliver a mind-blowing speed of 10.6 GB per second.

The difference between HDMI and analog cables

There are a few who do not understand how great the HDMI cables are in comparison with analog or DVI cables. It is often the case that good quality analog cables are quite expensive in comparison to the other inferior quality cables. An expensive analog cable offers better insulation, connectors and metal – which are often gold plated. Only a superior quality analog cable can give you good picture quality.

All this can be completely avoided by using HDMI cables. HDMI cables have won the race fair and square in terms of sound and picture quality. They have totally changed the way people used to watch TV. The quality these HDMI cables offer the user is unbeatable, which makes them the most sought after companions for their HDTV.

Also, the feeling that an expensive cable is going to be the best does not stand true in the case of HDMI cables. Most HDMI cables will give you great picture and sound quality. But, the gold HDMI cables are costly as they are gold plated. The difference between the two varies in terms of time. Expensive HDMI cables will last longer than any other HDMI cable but the image and sound quality will not be compromised.

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The cutting edge technology of HDMI

Every media device now comes with a standard high definition media interface or HDMI port. There are some very good reasons for the sudden rise and popularity of HDMI all over the world, now contained in nearly every format of media. This is due to the fact it enhances the quality of sound as well as picture whether you are using a computer, Blu-ray or DVD player, projector or new HD TV. But you really need to connect all this media equipment using HDMI cables to really enjoy the HD experience.

HDMI cables are the best way to transmit the high definition media input and output signals. They connect one media device to another, like connecting a Blu-ray player to an LCD TV. There are many advantages in using an HDMI cable as compared to using conventional component or SCART cables.

The foremost advantage is their ability to transfer high definition media. They carry both audio and video signals. This is a feature which very clearly separates them from traditional cables, which need separate leads to transfer picture and sound. This not only makes it more convenient for you and reduces the amount of space required in the room, but literally reduces the amount of wires required by half.

Conventional cables had to change signals from digital to analogue before transmission and then back to digital on reception. This caused a degradation of picture and sound quality and introduced noise disturbances. HDMI cables directly transmit digital signal and hence do not have any such downside.

Since HDMI cables carry digital signals, the signal is in binary form, which means you have a perfect signal or no signal at all. There is no midway signal of reduced quality.

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The many features offered by HDMI cables

The features and benefits offered by HDMI cannot be matched by other data transmission cables. There are many advantages of using HDMI cables. If you are looking for appropriate HDMI cables to connect your storage unit to the display device, refer to the tips mentioned below.

Reduction in processing time

HDMI cables are specialised for audio-video synchronisation. This helps in reducing the processing time when you need to transfer high resolution data.


HDMI cables consist of a mini connector, thereby making the cables very portable.


These cables are manufactured keeping in mind the make of various modern electronic devices. HDMI cables are compatible with every modern and newly launched HDTV set and music player. The newer cables provide a richer colour range. They also provide efficient high frame rates and are compatible with Dolby Digital True HD surround sound and DTS-HD Master Audio.

Other features

Features such as remote control and audio transport are specific to HDMI cables and not available in other equivalent devices.

They also offer a higher bandwidth compared to other products, which makes them compatible with newer models of TVs. HDMI cables boast of minimal disturbance. You can enjoy an improved quality of video and audio. The HDMI cable 1.3 provides an improved quality of colour gamut compared to the other models of cables.

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HDMI cables – connect to the future of HD media

When the high definition media interface or HMDI was first released it took the world by storm. It gave the audio-visual experience a complete make-over. This change came about with the coming of HD TVs, speakers and Blu-ray players. But to connect these media devices and enjoy their true quality you need to use HDMI cables.

HDMI cables have a lot of advantages and technological advancements over conventional component cables. Here we will discuss a few of these advantages.

Fewer wires

This is because a single HDMI cable transfers both audio and video signals as opposed to older SCART cables which need two separate leads for audio and video. There are usually only half as many wires when using HDMI.

No loss in picture quality

Traditional component cables could carry only analogue signals, and hence the digital signals had to be converted to analogue before the transmission between devices took place. At the reception of the signals, the data type needed to be converted back to digital from analogue. This kind of transformation of signal, from one type to another, and then back again, caused a reduction in the data quality. Since HDMI cables directly transmit digital signals, there is no loss of data quality and no noise produced.

Less power consumption

Since there is no transformation of signal happening at either end during transmission or reception, it leads to the saving of power which would otherwise be used.

These are only the very basic advantages of HDMI cables. There are a lot more benefits which HDMI cables have over conventional cables. They give you a dramatic change in your picture and sound quality and enhance your media viewing experience.

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Consider the following factors when looking for HDMI cables

HDMI cables are used to transmit data with a high resolution more easily. They have become very useful in today’s world of modern technology.

HDMI cables are available in four different types. It is important to ensure that the HDMI cable you opt for is compatible with your HDTV set or any other display device. If you are unsure about the compatibility, it is important to refer to the instruction manual.

Mentioned below are certain factors to be considered when it comes to HDMI cables.

Will it process all the data being transferred?

Ensure that the HDMI cable successfully processes 30, 36 and 40 bit data. For this you will need to check the compatibility features of your HDTV Set. The compatibility features for depth of colour depends on the version of the HDMI cable.

Will it support data encoded in xyvcc colour space?

The newer electronic cables are capable of transmitting 48bit colour depth and are thereby equipped to support data in xyvcc colour space. These newer versions of data cables are designed to connect the latest TV models and other display devices being launched in the market.

Will it support DTS surround sound?

Most of these cables are compatible with modern audio devices. It is also compatible with the Dolby Digital True HD surround sound and DTS-HD Master Audio.

It is better if you check the compatibility of the cable prior to purchasing the cable to avoid complications.

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Why are HDMI cables becoming increasingly popular today?

HDMI cables are the recent entrants in the league of superior quality audio visual technology. HDMI cables or high definition multimedia interface cables are the new kind of cables that promise a high quality video as well as audio output in just one cable.

The difference between HDMI and analog cables

Analog cables have been used for quite a few decades now. Carrying digital signal to and from digital devices such as a DVD player and an HD television set using analog cables can be troublesome. The signal has to be converted to analog to be transmitted and then back into digital for the display device. This exchange causes damage to the signal quality and the conversion does not give a great picture quality. To sum it up, analog cables can be connected with high definition displays but one will not get good image and sound quality.

What does HDMI technology do?

One of the biggest advantages of using HDMI cables is the great signal quality you can get. This is because there is no conversion of signal. HDMI cables carry high definition data without converting or compressing the signal. They deliver crystal clear images and crisp sound.

Are all devices compatible with HDMI cables?

HDMI technology was introduced in 2003 and most of the appliances manufactured after that are compatible with HDMI cables. If you are not sure about your device, just look at the back of your video device. HDMI ports are marked differently from other connections. HDMI cables are available in many versions and vary in price too.

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