Important facts about HDMI cables

Have you purchased a new Blu-ray player, PlayStation, Xbox or Wii? Are you looking for a way to connect these devices with your flat panel TV? If the answer to these questions is yes, a HDMI cable is what you should use. Unlike traditional audio-visual cables, HDMI is capable of carrying the audio video signals using a single cable.

What is HDMI technology all about?

HDMI technology uses digital signals to get image and audio from the source instead of using analogue video signals.

Benefits of HDMI cables over other cables
• Offers better sound and picture quality
• Eliminates the need of converting a digital signal to analogue and back to digital (as in case with S-Video)
• Compresses up to 8 audio channels in a single cable
• No need to replace the cable for an upgrade in technology

Difference between DVI and HDMI

HDMI cables are capable of carrying both video and audio signals. On the other hand, DVI cables can only carry video signals. However, both HDMI and DVI cables use digital interfaces and offer the same high definition capacity.

HDMI and different technology versions

Since the launch of HDMI technology in 2002, it has undergone many upgrades. These include DVD-audio support, DTS-HD Master Audio support, Dolby TrueHD and Super Audio CD support.

If you want to enhance your TV viewing experience, use HDMI cables to connect to your other devices.

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