If you have any trouble with HDMI cables then read on

HDMI cables are the best when it comes to crystal clear picture quality on your high definition television. These cables are generally very simple to connect but there are times when you are unable to do so. However, one does not have to call in the experts to do it for you immediately.

You can give it a try with the help of some easy-to-follow instructions. In general, the problems are not with the HDMI cables, they are because of mismatched settings on the devices connected with the cables.

Step 1: Check the cable for any tear

Be sure that your HDMI cable is not frayed, worn-out or has an exposed wire. Using a torn cable can not only be problematic but also create safety issues. It is better to discard these damaged cables altogether.

Step 2: Check the connections well

When you are sorting the connections, make sure the cables are connected properly. See to it that the cable is properly inserted into your HDMI port, only then will your device be connected to the TV.

Step 3: See the channel settings

After you have made the necessary connections and switched on the power, change the TV setting to the HDMI input channel. This setting will vary with the different brands of TV, but you can usually change this setting using the ‘source’ option on the TV. Choose the channel which says HD input or HDMI.

If you feel that your cable is still faulty, then try to connect it with other devices and television.

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