How to connect your HDMI cable to your PS3

Do you want to enjoy your PS3 gaming experience in HD? There is little point purchasing a PS3 if you cannot enjoy the games in HD. You can now achieve this by following the given steps:

You will require the following things to enjoy your PS3 in HD:

• PS3
• HDMI cable
• HD TV set

Purchase a HDMI cable

This is the first thing you will have to do. Usually, a HDMI cable won’t cost too much money, although you need to purchase the right kind of HDMI cable. Also, measure the length of the cable before purchasing it. The cable should be long enough so that it can easily reach the HD TV set.

Connect the cable

Connect the HDMI cable to the PS3. An HDMI input area will be present at the back of the PS3 console. Ensure that you switch off the Playstation while connecting the HDMI cable.
Connect to the TV set

Connect the other end of the cable to the TV set. It should be connected to the HDMI input present on the back of the TV set.

Switch on your Playstation

You should then switch on your PS3. After switching on the PS3, you will be asked a resolution-related question. Select Ok and the PS3 will switch to High Definition mode. A 30 second countdown will then take place and you can enjoy your favourite games in high definition.

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