How to connect your computer to a LCD TV set

LCD TV sets and Plasma TV sets have become quite affordable these days. You can also use your TV set as a computer monitor. Here are some ways by which this can be made possible:

Check your computer

You should first check if your computer has a DVI connection or a VGA connection. Usually, every newer desktop PC will have this particular connection. Purchase a standard HDMI cable and plug into the connection point. You might require a longer cable, depending upon the distance between the PC and the TV.

Inspect for HDMI inputs

Check your TV set for HDMI inputs. Generally, HD TV sets have HDMI inputs at the back of the set. However on some TV sets the HDMI input is located on the side. Plug the cable from the computer into this input.
Switch on the computer

The next step is to switch on the computer. Next, ensure that you have selected the proper input source on the TV set.

Ensure that you purchase high-quality HDMI cables from a reputable retailer to get the best results.

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