High definition transmission is now possible using HDMI cables

HDMI cables have now replaced traditional analogue cables. These cables transmit high-definition audio-video streams from multimedia devices to HDTVs. HDMI cables can be used for transmitting digital audio and video signals from multimedia devices like game consoles, DVD players and Blu-ray players.

Unlike the conventional analogue cables, HDMI cables also support PC and TV video format using a single cable interface. The compatibility of HDMI technology with DVI (Digital Video Interface) signal is also a major advantage. It eliminates the need of conversion.

Standard HDMI ports, which are available on high-end TVs and desktop computers comprises of 19 pins. A HDMI cable is a single USB like cable that can carry both audio and video streams. HDMI cables can also handle data signals of up to 10.2 Gbit/s.

Selecting the right HDMI cable

If you own a HDTV or any other high-end multimedia device, you should look at using HDMI cables. With different types of HDMI cables available in the market, it is important to get the right one that suits your needs. The cost and length of HDMI cables is thus an important consideration.

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