HDMI cables – Why should you use them?

Darwin’s theory of the ‘fittest shall survive’ can be used in every field, be it science, medicine or communication.

The cable battle

Evolution in technology is easily visible with new products becoming available all the time. Television cables too fight to be the fittest to survive. And the likely current winner of the battle seems to be HDMI cables.

Let the battle begin…

HDMI cables can bring out the best of your equipment’s audio and video capabilities. HDMI cables also transmit digital data and thus neither is there distortion nor loss of signal. If statistics are to be believed, HDMI is clearly more advanced and more suited for everyday use and professional use than DVI (Digital Visual Interface) or Component Video cables.

The major stand out point for a HDMI cable is that it can carry both audio and video signals while DVI carries video only. Also, HDMI cables are upgraded all the time, with the latest HDMI 1.4 version being made with extended functionality, which can support a much higher resolution than ever before.

Thus, if there ever was a battle between the different cables, we know who would win.

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