HDMI cables – The king of high definition connectivity

HDMI cables heighten your high definition experience while giving you pure digital audio and video quality. HDMI promises stunning video resolutions between your HD TVs and HDMI compatible players. HDMI cables are capable of transmitting eight channels of 24-bit, 192 kHz high quality audio signals.

A HDMI cable is a single cable connection giving you an exceptional digital audio and video experience.

HDMI cables bring you 3D

HDMI cables are the only connections capable of providing a 3D experience. The high end technology helps to transmit 3D video information to your 3D powered TV.

The technology behind HDMI cables

HDMI cables can give you a stellar HD home cinema experience. The HDMI connector contains 19 pins. It packs low voltage power, identification information, video and audio data, and two way control in one cable. Innovations and advances in HDMI cables have seen the introduction of the latest version – HDMI 1.4. This latest entrant enables internet communication between compatible component devices.

While some HDMI capable components such as HD TVs come with HDMI cables, many do not. So buy the right HDMI cable for the best sound and picture clarity.

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