HDMI cables – Select the best one

High definition media interface cables or HDMI cables are the new fad amongst people who want to add extra clarity to their high definition TV viewing experience. They have many advantages over conventional cables. But how does one compare different HDMI cables.

The truth is that the variety of HDMI cable you use can have a drastic effect on the picture or sound quality. The kind of HDMI cable you use such as version 1.4 also might make a difference.

Why HDMI cables?

HDMI cables carry both audio and video signals and are an upgrade from the conventionally used SCART cables. Furthermore HDMI cables carry the digital signal in its native form instead of converting it from digital to analogue and back to digital. This not only means that you have to deal with less cables you also get better picture quality and less noise.

Gold HDMI cables

Gold has a much lower resistance than conventionally used materials like copper. Hence the digital signals are carried along it with a lot less distortion. Also when the lead has to be long, then there is all the more reason to get HDMI cables of a material which offers a lower resistance.

Gold HDMI cables also have a thicker gauge which makes them much more durable and longer lasting. They are also less prone to bending and fraying. So if you want that perfect high definition media viewing experience, you need to get a good quality HDMI cable to do your HD TV justice.

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