HDMI cables – next generation entertainment technology

HDMI is the latest technology in the world of entertainment systems. It stands for high definition multimedia interface. An HDMI cable allows transmission of data between audio and video devices in a digital format, which is superior to the previous analogue format. HDMI technology is finding its way into more and more of the home entertainment market.

The latest versions of plasma TVs, audio systems, home cinema systems and projectors possess HDMI sockets to allow for better audio and video quality.

Since their launch in 2003, HDMI cables have been adopted by a lot of consumers and used for various audio and video devices. HDMI cables are designed to ensure better sound and picture quality.

Benefits of using HDMI cables

HDMI cables today come in various specifications. The older technology used by entertainment systems such as SCART involved more steps when transmitting data as they translate analogue and digital signals. With every extra step, the quality of signal transmitted would be reduced, so the final result would be poor audio and/or video quality. With a new HDMI cable, data is transmitted uncompressed which results in the best quality possible.

Another notable feature of an HDMI cable is that it supports the latest 1080p video standard, so you can connect your TV to your computer with an HDMI cable for better quality.

The HDMI cable allows you to transmit as many as 8 channels via the same cable. So audio and video device connectivity is easier and there is less hassle with leads and cables.

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