HDMI Cables – Need to Know

HDMI Cables – Why do we need them?

HDMI cables are now accepted as the industry standard connective interface for HD enabled devices. You will see that there are slots on all the latest tech that fit HDMI cables, be they televisions, BluRays, game consoles and computers, all have HDMI cable functionality, many will still have SCART sockets but over time these will be phased out in favour of HDMI cables.
HDMI cables offer superior quality performance for your devices because HDMI cables are able to support up to eight channels of audio transmission as well as eleven channels for video. Only HDMI cables enable you to see and hear in High Definition.

Are there different kinds of HDMI cables?

While you will see a big upgrade with any HDMI cables compared to analogue, not all HDMI cables are the same. You can opt for Category 1 HDMI cables or Category 2. The latter have the same functionality but transmit at higher speeds so you can buy much longer HDMI cables without worrying about loss of signal strength that would require a booster. Most people don’t need to buy HDMI cables much longer than a metre. In general, buying HDMI cables online offers superior value and quality but all HDMI cables represent a relatively small investment considering the upgrade in quality.

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