HDMI cables – How to buy one

Buying a TV set is not that easy anymore. You also need to buy the right HDMI cable along with a HD TV set. However, it is important that you buy the right type of cable. Given below are some points to consider while buying HDMI cables:

What are your needs?

You should decide what you want from the HDMI cable. There are two different types of HDMI cables namely, standard HDMI and high speed HDMI.

The difference between standard and high speed HDMI cables

Standard HDMI cables are known as Category 1 HDMI. Thus, if you want a standard HDMI cable then you should request Category 1 HDMI cables that can deliver data at 75 MHz. The signal quality is as good as 1080i resolution TV sets.

High speed HDMI cables

If you want superior picture quality then you should opt for a high speed HDMI cable. These are cables that can deliver data at speeds of 340MHz. Category 2 HDMI or high speed HDMI cables offer the equivalent of a 1080p signal. If you want a high resolution output, you should opt for this particular HDMI cable.

The size of the TV

The type of cable to be purchased should be decided based on the size of your TV. If you are purchasing a 26 inch-LCD TV then it is recommended that you purchase a standard HDMI cable. However, a high speed HDMI Cable is a must for monitor sizes above 32 inches.

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