HDMI cables – Get the full benefits from your HD entertainment system

HDMI cables are compact audio video interface cables. They transmit uncompressed digital data between multimedia devices and HDTVs and DVD players. The unmatched sound and image quality offered by HDMI cables makes them a perfect alternative to traditional analogue cables.

The earlier connectivity cables like S-Video, component video, D-Terminal, SCART, VGA and RF (radio frequency), coaxial cables required different wires for carrying the audio and video signals. However, the latest HDMI cables are able to transmit audio-visual signals using a single interface cable.

HDMI cables allow consumers to connect different digital audio-video sources like Blu-ray disc players, video game consoles, personal computers and set-top boxes with their high-definition television sets. Due to this reason, HDMI cables have become extremely popular these days.

Features of HDMI cables

The present HDMI cables transmit any PC and TV video format with enhanced, high-definition video. Besides this, HDMI cables also allow digital audio transmission for up to 8 channels. As the data transferred through HDMI cables is in uncompressed format, you can get the best audio-video experience from your HD multimedia device.

HDMI version 1.4 is the latest specification for HDMI cables. Unlike the earlier versions, the latest specification boasts increased bandwidth and network capabilities. In fact, HDMI cables also double as a USB cable for carrying data between multimedia devices. If you own a HD DVD player, gaming console or any other multimedia device, use an HDMI cable to connect them to your HDTV.

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