HDMI cables – what must you know?

HDMI is a type of audio/digital cable that offers a digital connection between video/audio systems such as cable or satellite boxes, home cinema systems, DVD players, television monitors, games consoles etc. HDMI cables come in different colours and shapes to transmit the uncompressed data between audio/video systems.

HDMI cables are now an efficient alternative to other cables such as the coaxial cable, VGA, composite video, D-terminal video and S-video. Ever since the launch of HDMI cables in 2003, they have created a stir in the electronic market. These HDMI cables have been purchased by more than 850 PC and consumer electronics companies.

HDMI cables have gained immense popularity in the past few years mostly because they support high definition TV and computer formats. Another important feature of HDMI cables is that they are compatible with backward forum DIV (Digital Visual Interface) that was previously used by most consumers.

Types of HDMI cable connectors

HDMI cables are designed to increase the sound and picture quality of all high quality digital systems. With new versions of digital versions being developed and released all the time, the possible potential of these HDMI cables is vast.

Each version of the HDMI cable comprises of three different types of connectors – Type A, Type B and Type C. Type C and Type A are standard with 19 pins to support HDTV, ED and SD formats. Meanwhile, Type B includes 9 pins and offers prolonged video resolution such as the WQSXGA.

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