HDMI cables – a comparison with other cables

An HDMI cable is a specially designed connection cable for transmitting data from one device to another. Types of data that can be sent via HDMI cables include video and audio data. Due to the higher degree of audio and image quality that HDMI cables offer, they are quite superior to coaxial and composite cables.

How are HDMI cables different from other cables?

When it comes to traditional cables, you will find that they are are capable of transmitting audio visual signals, but cannot perform any additional functions. This is what differentiates HDMI cables from others. An HDMI cable can double as a network cable, monitor cable or as a USB cable.

When coupled with the right High Definition device, HDMI cables allow users to get the best sound and picture quality available. There are many cheap HDMI cables available out there, but it is important to ensure that you choose the best quality (rather than simply the cheapest) HDMI cable for your HDTV.

Using standard audio-visual cables like composite cables with your HD device can hamper its performance. Therefore, using a high quality HDMI cable is the best option if you want to enjoy High-Definition viewing.

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