HDMI cable – Tips to check it’s working ok

HDMI cables are a must for HD picture output. These cables send both HD audio as well as video signals between electrical AV devices. It is unlikely that you will experience any sort of playback issues while using this cable. However, if you do face a problem then you can usually fix it quite simply.

Make sure you choose the right input channel on your TV

Some TVs will automatically change the input channel when they detect a new source, whereas on some you will have to use the remote to choose the input source. Make sure you have the right input source selected before proceeding with the following steps.

Check the cable

You should first check the HDMI cable and see if it is plugged in the appropriate connection port. One of the cable sockets should be inserted into the TV whereas the second socket should be connected to the source device. The signal will not be transmitted properly if you have not plugged in the cable appropriately.

Check the metal connector

If the cable is plugged in correctly, you should then unplug the HDMI cable from both pieces of equipment. Sometimes this connector gets clogged with dirt and dust particles. This will thus interfere with the transmission of signals and affect the picture quality. Blow out any dirt of dust particles from the connector socket.

Choose another HDMI port

If the above two options fail, try using another port when plugging in the HDMI cable. The HMDI port might be the reason for the faulty transmission. It can sometimes be damaged due to constant use. Changing the port can thus solve this problem.

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