HDMI – An Essential Upgrade

HDMI, which is short for ‘High Definition Multimedia Interface’ is the new standard connection interface for todays high-tech gadgetry in the home. HDMI transmits sound and video data digitally on devices such as LED TV, BluRay, Xbox 360 and PS3. HDMI leads have the advantage of having no loss of quality.


You might think a wire is a wire and that technology is not relevant. Wrong. HDMI is a significant upgrade from analogue because there is not risk of quality degradation and HDMI carries much more data – an analogue cable just cannot compete with HDMI because High Defintion content simply can’t be used with anuthing other than HDMI.

What Do I Need HDMI For Exactly?

There are many uses for HDMI. For example, connecting your BluRay to your HDTV requires HDMI. Without it, you would be effectively watching a DVD, because only HDMI shows the improved resolution of BluRay. You might want to enjoy Dolby Digital Surround Sound – this is only possible with HDMI because, that’s right, it’s digital. You might even want to connect your PC to your TV – you can only do this with HDMI because PC’s and HD TV’s can only communicate through their HDMI ports.

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