HDMI 1.4 – The next generation of cabling

HDMI 1.4 has been the biggest upgrade to HDMI technology since its inception. This upgrade has introduced a range of new features as well as a modified cable design.

The most talked about feature of HDMI 1.4 is HDMI Ethernet, which offers two-way connection at speeds of 100Mb that can pass between two components. This feature, however, is only optional as all 1.4 versions of HDMI cables do not support it.

HDMI 1.4 supports 3D resolution in full 1080p, whereas HDMI 1.3 supports only 1080i with 4K/2K resolutions (3840p/ 2160p).

This latest version has something new for people who watch television also, which is an audio return channel. With only one cable you can use your sound system to listen to your on-board tuner. This is a good idea as multiple optical cables are not required.

With the introduction of 1.4 version HDMI cables, you will also witness the debut of two brand new connector systems – a 19-pin Micro Connector that is half the current Mini size and an Automotive Connection System that is suitably designed for resistance of in-care use.

The 1.4 version also supports photographic color standards that include Adobe RGB and Adobe YCC601 that makes it compatible with digital cameras. Both standards share inter-compatibility. However, only by using 1.4 version cables can you access HDMI Ethernet.

The 1.4 HDMI cable has exceptional features and technology-driven characteristics.

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