HDMI 1.4 cables – Bring your TV to life

Recent times have seen a revolution in high definition media. New digital devices like Blu-ray players, high definition LCD and LED TVs, laptops and their 3D counterparts all use HDMI cables for best output performance. High definition media interface or HDMI ports are now a standard fixture in all new generation devices. To connect these devices we use HDMI cables. These come in many types, from cheap cables to gold plated HDMI cables.

How does HDMI work?

A full HD output screen has 1080 lines of pixels. These pixels are scanned one after the other repeatedly. This is known as progressive scanning and can be done only when the image data is transferred very quickly. The old audio-video leads and SCART cables cannot transmit all this data. The old dual lead cables, which had separate leads for sound and picture, can carry only analogue signals. Hence the digital data had to be first converted into analogue and then converted back to digital on reception by the output device. This time lag can cause your picture quality to reduce and can also introduce noise.

The next generation cables

HDMI 1.4 cable can transfer digital data at high speed. This is due to the fact that an HDMI cable is capable of transferring digital data directly without analogue conversion. It is also a single lead for both audio and video, making it hassle free and saving space. It is ideally suited to the latest 3D LCD TVs, which bring the latest picture viewing technology to your living rooms.

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