HDMI 1.3 – The features that separate it from the previous versions

HDMI 1.3 is the new data transmitting cable that can be used to transfer audio or video from a storage unit to a display device. The new launch enhances the data carrying bandwidth of the normal HDMI cable to 360 MHz or 10.2 GBPS.

Better than 1080p resolution

As the name suggests, HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) supports high definition data transfer from a storage unit to your display device.

The most notable feature of HDMI 1.3 is its support for resolution formats greater than 1080p. Other added features include a lip sync correction system, automatic audio/video transmission system and compatibility with colour resolutions as high as 48 bit.

Using HDMI 1.3 with a PlayStation 3

With better sound and picture quality, you are bound to enjoy playing games on your PlayStation 3. You do not have to worry about the compatibility aspect between HDMI 1.3 and PS3. This is because the manufacturers of HDMI 1.3 have added PS3 as the very first A/V product to be capable of working with the new cable.

Will standard HDMI equipment work with HDMI 1.3?

You will be able to use your standard HDMI devices with your HDMI 1.3 cable. However, you will not be able to enjoy the features and new upgrades the 1.3 version brings. This is because the components used for manufacturing HDMI 1.3 are a little different than the previous versions.

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