Exploring various HDMI cables

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) are cable ports that connect high definition devices to LCD HD capable televisions. HDMI cables enhance picture and sound quality and give a whole new meaning to a home theatre experience. Today, many people use the HDMI cable on Blu-ray discs, DVD players and gaming consoles like the Sony Playstation 3 and the Microsoft X-Box 360. Generally, the HDMI cables are available in gold and silver plating. However there are other varieties of HDMI cables.

Types of HDMI cables

The most standard forms of HDMI cables are the type A and B variations. These cables are commonly available. The differences between both the cables is that type B is a little bigger that Type A. The type B HDMI cable has 29 pins wrapped into one cable, whereas type A has 19 pins.

Gold plated cables have gold plated connectors. However, the wires are made of copper. The gold plated conductors transfer signals at a higher rate which enables them to offer excellent picture and sound quality. The cable is quite expensive and so is ideal for those passionate about good quality picture. Gold plated HDMI cables are also tarnish resistant hence they can be cleaned easily. Silver HDMI cables are another variation available. This type of cable has silver plated connectors. They are equally good when compared to gold plated cables and are comparatively cheaper.

Mini HDMI cables connect portable devices, camcorder and high end cameras to HDTVs. The cable is also called type C and just like its sister Type A, the cable uses 19 pins in a single cable. The only different is that each pin has a different function.

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