Do you need HD cable?

HD cable is the industry agreed standard interface for the transmission of data between the latest high tech, high definition gadgets. HD cable enables the transmitting of digital information so with HD cable, you can get 1080p TV pictures and Dolby Digital Sound all through one unobtrusive HD cable.

There are two kinds of HD cable, though both represent a significant improvement of quality compared to the SCART and coaxial cabling you may well still be using. The latest kind, HD cable with HDMI 1.4 technology has one further addition to its capabilities, an ethernet channel which means it can transmit information from your computer or even 3D TV pictures at the same high speeds. This kind of HD cable is slightly more expensive but perfect if you have the very latest HD cable capable technology. The latest games consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360 have slots for HD cable already. All you have to do is plug in your HD cable and you are ready to play.

You can choose HD cable in various colours to suit your surrounding and at lengths to suit your needs. If you need to use exceptionally long HD cable, over 7 metres or so, you might want to invest in a HD cable signal booster, which will ensure your HD cable copes with the most demanding of tasks without degradation in quality.

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