Compatibility of HDMI leads and HDMI versions

HDMI cables are known to always be identical by nature. It is only an upgrade and enhancement in the version. An HDMI cable should read and feed any signal received from start to end. This is possible only if the quality of the signal is genuine.

The signals for HDMI cables require a high bandwidth. This is particularly important for HDMI 1.3 and the Blu-ray stream. Since HDMI leads standards do not have error detection, the signals at the sending and receiving ends should match one another. The four pairs in the HDMI cable must be of identical length and diameter with an impedance of 100ohms. If there is a variation in impedance then the images will be distorted or you may simply get a black screen.

The best HDMI cables to use

Now the question of a compatible HDMI cable comes up. Always purchase a cable that fits into your budget. Monster cables are used on a large scale at workplaces and are known to be reliable. However, their price slightly exceeds that of other cable rates. Purchasing cables from online websites is considerably cheaper than that of purchasing from manufacturers and retail outlets.

However, cheap HDMI cables may not necessarily mean they are reliable. Think carefully before you select an HDMI cable for yourself.

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