Common myths associated with HDMI cables v1.3

HDMI cables allow high quality data transfer from an external hard disk drive to a display device. There are many misconceptions associated with HDMI cables. The following section will dispel certain myths pertaining to HDMI cables v1.3.

Myth: v1.3 is compatible with high definition A/V transfer and deep colour resolution

Fact: There are many kinds of HDMI v1.3 available in the market. It is important to seek the opinion of the dealer prior to buying an HDMI cable. Check for specifications, features and compatibility. Certain types of HDMI cables v1.3 are fully certified yet not compatible with resolutions up to 1080p.

Myth: v1.3 can convert the HDMI specifications offered by the source

Fact: While most switchers provide the luxury of converting the specifications and features offered by HDMI v1.3, some of them do not. Check the specifications of the cable and ensure that the features offered by the cable are supported by the switcher.

Myth: All my equipment must be 1.3 supported for the v1.3 to function

Fact: All HDMI cables are backwards compatible and hence will offer compatibility for previous versions. Equally, you might have a v1.3 compatible device but there are other advanced features offered by the HDMI cables that might not be supported. For instance, the deep colour compatibility and support for 1080i resolution.

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