Choosing HDMI over SCART leads

HDMI leads are now the most preferred links between an HDTV and other media. Old fashioned SCART leads are steadily being phased out, while HDMI has now got hold of the market.

HDMI stands for ‘High Definition Multimedia Interface’. It transmits visual and audio data without any loss in quality. HDMI supports high definition, enhanced as well as standard video. What makes it stand out from its competitors is that multi-channel audio can be transmitted in a single, solid cable. Gone are the days when you would have to rummage around the back of your TV set trying to figure out which wire plugs into which socket.

Many modern electronic gadgets and devices such as computers, Blu-ray and DVD players, have an HDMI port installed. This is why people prefer HDMI leads to traditional SCART leads.

Excellent quality data transfer

HDMI trounces its competitors in the visual as well as the audio department. No matter what the format is, you can be sure that HDMI will not let you down. HDMI will not only easily support popular and heavy formats such as DTS and Digital Dolby, but it will also have plenty of bandwidth to spare for future enhancements.

Simple and easy

As mentioned earlier, HDMI is popular because of its simplicity. No longer will you have to flip through a complicated manual to figure out which end goes into which slot.

First time buyers have to be on their guard so as to not purchase a sub-standard HDMI lead.

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