Choosing an HDMI cable for your devices

Today, most media devices like TVs, LCD and LED screens, Blu-ray players, lap-top computers etc. come with HDMI ports installed as a standard fixture. HDMI or high definition media interface has brought audio and video quality to an entirely new level. These high definition media devices are connected to each other with the help of HDMI cables. These cables come in a lot of varieties and with different qualities.


HDMI cables are made to be used according to different types of media, though they also depend upon your budget and how particular you are about your sound and picture quality. Various HDMI cables are manufactured to support different ranges of video resolutions, protocols and features.


Besides versions are variations, with HDMI cables manufactured with different qualities. An example to understand the difference between the version of the cable and the quality of the cable is discussed below.


The latest in HDMI technology has brought us the HDMI 1.4 cables. These are a newer version and support a wider range of screen resolutions without distorting the image. They are also more adaptable and introduce less noise components into the audio and video data.


Now the quality of the HDMI cable depends first and foremost upon the brand of cable which you are buying. A cheap cable will not be able to give you the results which a branded cable would. The next is the quality difference in the cables introduced within a brand. The same brand may provide you with a simple HDMI cable and a gold HDMI cable. Since gold is a metal which offers the least amount of resistance to the flow of electrical signals, the gold cables give a superior media quality.


An important thing to observe here is that all these cables which differ in quality whether due to their brand or their making, might belong to the same version.

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