Cheap vs. expensive HDMI cables

If you get online or go to the nearest electronics store, which sells HDMI cables, you are likely to find then costing form a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. However, all HDMI cables are built to standard as long as they are from the same versions they support exactly the same throughput and bitrate. Is there a difference between the picture and sound quality between the cheapest and the more expensive HDMI cable? Should you spend hundreds of pounds or could you do with the one that costs a fiver? Read on to learn what to expect.

The HDMI interface is capable of carrying digital picture and sound of impeccable quality, and many argue that since they carry digital data, they either work or they do not. This could be valid for many cases and the two-pound HDMI cable might work for 90% of the users since most of them would need a cable, which is two to three meters long. However, the cheapest cables could present problems, especially if they are five meters long or longer. They could deliver great quality image, but wrong color balance and in some cases, they could introduce digital artifacts as well. On the other hand, an HDMI cable that costs hundreds of pounds does not necessarily outperform a ten-pound HDMI cable. The cheapest cables are often thinner and built from lower quality material, which could result in them getting damaged easily, the pins bending, but most cables, which are sold at around twenty pounds are of decent quality and in fact perfect for most users. The highly advertised Gold HDMI cables have actually Gold plated connectors, which makes them more resistible to corrosion, but this an advantage, which more often than not does not justify their high price.

When purchasing an HDMI cable, you should probably stay away from the cheapest ones, especially if you need a longer cable in order to avoid disappointments, but you do not have to spend a fortune on a cable either. Simply purchase your cable from a shop with good retiring policy, take it home and if you are pleased with the quality of the sound and picture, keep it. There are some special circumstances, when you might have to spend quite a bit of money on an HDMI cable, but these are the cases, where you would need a very long cable. In that case, you might have to purchase HDMI cables with internal boosters or buy two or more separate cables and link them with a repeater.

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