Buying tips for HMDI cables

High definition multimedia interface or HMDI cables are known for their HD picture quality. They can easily transmit digital data between electrical components like DVD players, Blu-ray players and HD television sets. HMDI cables also offer clear and superior audio as well as video signals via a single cable.

Here are some key points to consider while buying HMDI cables:

Different versions

Not many people are aware that HMDI cables are available in different versions. Currently, HMDI cables are available in five different types of specifications as follows:

• 1.0
• 1.2
• 1.3a
• 1.3b
• 1.4

HMDI 1.3 versions are meant for the testing specification. Moreover, they do not provide any improved functionality. If you are looking for improved functionality then you should opt for the 1.4 version. Version 1.4 also consists of an Ethernet channel and can be used along with IP enabled devices.

The benefits of using version 1.4 do not end here. HMDI version is also known to support 3D and offers great resolutions of up to 4096 X 2160. Version 1.4 is better known as a High Speed HMDI cable with Ethernet.

Ferrite EMI suppressors

It is recommended that you look for HMDI cables enabled with Ferrite EMI suppressors. These suppressors are a must for reducing the impact of electro-magnetic interference. They are a round-barrel shape and are present at either ends of the cable.

Cable length

Ensure that you purchase HMDI cables of 7.5m in length. This way, you can enjoy the pictures without any loss in quality. Keep these important points in mind and make an informed decision.

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