Buying an HDMI cable? Things you need to know

Have you recently purchased a new HDTV? Do you want to get the best multimedia experience from your new high-definition television set? If your answer is yes, then you need to consider using HDMI cables. They are transmission cables that can bring the full potential out of your HD multimedia devices.

Using HDMI cables, you can efficiently operate your digital video and audio components. HDMI cables can also help you get the best experience from your digital entertainment systems. In fact, these cables are high-quality options instead of the basic analogue connections like component, S-Video, composite and coaxial connections.

Picking the right HDMI cable

If you know the version of HDMI that your multimedia device requires, picking the right HDMI cable becomes quite easy.

For instance, if your device has a version rating of 1.1, you must look for HDMI cable with that specification. It is important to note that HDMI cable with 1.0 specification is not compatible with 1.1 or higher.

HDMI cables are further classified into different categories – standard and high speed cables. So, it is important to select the right HDMI cable for your device. This classification also coincides with the frame rate and the level of resolution of your display device. The category 1 HDMI cables work well with HDTVs. This is because they are designed to support standard quality. On the other hand, category 2 cables are perfect for higher frame rates and resolutions.

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