Buying an HDMI cable? Here is what you need to know

High Definition Multimedia Interface is the full form of what we all know as HDMI. It is a special type of connectivity provided by a cable which allows transmission of audiovisual signals at speeds in excess of 1.2 gigabytes per second. The HDMI cable has 19 individual cables enclosed within it. It can support 8 audio channels at one time and provides crystal clear digital entertainment. However, HDMI has undergone several upgrades since its inception and each upgrade offers a different functionality. If you want to buy an HDMI cable, you need to know the connectivity options in your devices. The following discussion will enable you to choose an HDMI cable.

What are the specifications and support capabilities of a HDMI cable?

All HDMI cables in the market may not necessarily support the devices you have. Every HD device has its own HDMI specification.

You will come across two major variants of the HDMI cable. Category I cables are used for standard HDMI connectivity and Category II HDMI cables can perform the standard functions at much higher speeds.

If you want to connect your HD devices at distances of more than 50 feet then you will need a long HDMI cable. The longer the HDMI cable you choose, the more chance the signal will diminish as the cable may not be able to transmit audiovisual signals across these distances and hence you may need to buy an equalizer and a signal booster.

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