Benefits of using HDMI cables over older connectivity cables

Flat panel LCD and plasma TVs are being brought out by major electronic giants. With advancements in the electronic market, television sets have now become thinner and lighter. If you are looking to get a new flat panel TV, remember to get an HDMI cable too.

HDMI cables are the best connectivity solutions available to connect an HDTV with other audio visual devices like an HD DVD player, PlayStation, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Blu-ray player etc.

Why purchase HDMI cables?

In the recent past, HDMI technology has become quite popular. It can transfer uncompressed, digital audio and video data to the user interface. The earlier television sets used analogue signals to transfer data between a television set and audio-visual devices. They used to display squarer pictures in standard definition with an aspect ratio of 4:3.

On the other hand, the HDTVs of today use digital signals with aspect ratio of 16:9. As they have faster refresh rates, HDTVs need quick transmission of digital data. For this purpose, HDMI cables are well suited. HDMI devices use a single cable for transferring both audio and visual data.

The use of HDMI cables also reduces the mess of wires created by inter-connections from multiple devices. Due to all the above reasons, it would be wise to use HDMI cables for connecting audio-visual devices with your HDTV.

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