Are the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cables Illegal?

HDMI is an interface, which is regulated and each HDMI cable or HDMI-ready device needs to meet the specifications in order to be branded under the HDMI name. The rumors that the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI do not comply with these specifications and are, therefore, illegal and might have to be recalled have been confirmed by a number of sources. These Mini DP to HDMI cables are sold by Apple, Dell, and other computer manufacturers and they have male DP connector on one end and male HDMI connector on the other end.

According to some of the sources, any cable, which does not have HDMI connector on both ends cannot be properly tested in order to find out if it matches the specifications. However, so far, there has not been a recall demand from HDMI LLC and their officials have said that although they license the specifications, they are not involved in the actual product creation. Even so, they have the power to demand that retailers remove any non-compliant products such as the Mini DP to HDMI since this is a breach of the Adopter Agreement. The Mini DP to HDMI cables have been sold for close to two years and altering each models in order to bring it to specifications would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Strangely enough, this issue does not affect the Mini DP to HDMI adapters since they have an HDMI connector, which needs a separate HDMI cable. Most users would still prefer to buy and use the Mini DP to HDMI cable instead of buying an adapter and a separate HDMI cables, especially since they can still buy these cables from the Apple’s online store and be sure of their quality. After all, the cables are capable of supporting HD 1080p video (1920×1080) as well as 5.1 audio and deliver superb quality picture and sound. In addition, the ones that are found at the Apple’s online store are three meters long, which makes them perfect for most home users and home-theatre setups. This allows the user to connect his Mac to a projector or HD TV display and enjoy watching high definition movies or listen to music. The cables are true “plug and play” too and do not require any setup or software, and they are compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro 13/15/17 inch, iMac 21.5/27 inch, MacBook Air 11/13 inch, Mac Mini, and Mac Pro.

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