Are HDMI cables better than DVI cables?

More and more people have started to use High Definition technology. HDMI cables have thus become very popular due to the increasing use of high definition gadgets. HDMI cables come with many benefits. HDMI cables help you get better audio and video quality out of your high definition device. HDMI cables carry digital data without any loss or distortion. HDMI cables perform better than any other cable and provide you with the perfect high definition experience.

HDMI vs. DVI cables

HDMI and DVI cables are somewhat similar; the only difference is that HDMI cables carry both video and audio signals. DVI cables carry only video signals. The encoding scheme used in both cables is however somewhat similar. HDMI cables come in different versions, from 1.0 to 1.4, so provide flexibility in terms of reach and quality.

HDMI cable length

No matter how good your HDMI cable is, the length of the HDMI cable might affect the video and sound quality. HDMI cables might not perform so well if you are using a very long cable to connect your high definition appliances. You can purchase boosted or amplified cables if you need them to be very long.

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